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David’s Thoughts – Millionaire

So, five months after taking the initial audition test, my episode of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” finally aired last night. I have to say, I am pretty proud of how Jerry and I did. While I would have loved to have won more money, the $50,000 we did win was, as Chris Harrison said at the end of the episode, “Not a bad paycheck for 30 minutes work!”

Looking back, I am happy with the game I played. I used all my lifelines when I needed them, I thought through the questions, and I didn’t take any significant risks. (Of course, getting questions that happened to line up with the storehouse of weird knowledge I keep in my head helped immensely!)

Overall, the entire experience was an amazing adventure! And I have to say, we especially enjoyed meeting and working with the cast and crew of the show. From the folks that hosted the original test, to the producers that I interviewed with, to the production staff that took such good care of us at the studio, they couldn’t have been more supportive or encouraging. A lot of unseen work goes into making sure the final production looks good on the screen, and those folks deserve far more recognition and respect than they typically receive. So, to all of them, I offer my sincerest thanks.

If you ever get the chance to audition, I would highly recommend it! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am so very grateful to have been able to experience it.

@ChrisBHarrison @weartv

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Hitting 200 followers before my goal of December 31, 2018. Guys! Thank you so very much!! I am overwhelmed and amazed that y’all want to read what I write. ūüíó

Thank you, I am truly humbled.

Continued blessings.

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Seat Belts

I hadn’t flown since I had gastric sleeve surgery. I used to have to get a seat belt extender when I flew. I would always get a seat next to the window so I could squeeze as much of myself next to the window as I could. I still felt as though I was spilling over to the next seat (and I am certain I was).

David and I flew to Las Vegas for our anniversary/birthdays last week. I was blown away sitting down and fastening the seat belt. I cried when I fastened the belt.

I didn’t feel squeezed in the seat. In fact, I was in the middle seat, and didn’t feel as though I needed to lean over to one side or the other. I had six inches of the seat belt left over when I belted it!!!! Do you see?!

Tears. Non-scale Victory. I may have gained some weight back, but this feeling was incredible. Typing this today, I am tearing up again as the feeling was so strong. Something so small and insignificant to so many, meant so much to me.

So…what victory have you had lately?

Feeling incredible. Blessings.

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Sunday Thoughts

Love where I live…

It’s been an exciting week for me, with lots of changes I will talking about next week. Overall good things that have come from hard work and excellent leadership examples.

Today I needed to rest, and take this in. Tomorrow will be busy, but ready for the opportunity that it brings.


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So after a 115 pound weight loss:

Apparently per my rheumatologist I am no longer bone on bone with my knees!  I am to take it easy with exercise, and to build up the muscle around my knees, but for the most part, I can start doing things I want to do as long as my body allows it.

Dancing, yoga, jogging—really anything I want to try.

2 Years ago yesterday…was my gastric sleeve surgery and while I am not at my lowest weight I am no where near my heaviest! I have had some regain but no guilt. I am so very grateful for my path here.

So…blessings today and always!

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18 Months

Wow…it seems like forever ago that I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.¬† Then again, it seems like yesterday.¬† It is much harder to work at maintaining especially now with my gain of eight pounds.

I had my 18 month check up Friday. My doctor was concerned about the gain, as am I.¬† I do not want to go back there.Stephen has this picture hanging up in his room.¬† I thought I looked good at the time.¬† It was a good picture of all of us.¬† I have a fear of this.¬† I know that I can’t get there quickly, but it will creep up on me if I am not careful.¬† I know the gain I have had is directly linked to the lack in my planning of meals, or my exercise.¬† It shows.

So as I said yesterday…resetting my focus.¬† Reclaiming that I can do this, and will with God’s grace.¬† Having the support of my nutritionist in what I want to do with my diet, I plan on beginning after Thanksgiving.¬† I don’t want to start only to set myself up for failure.¬† Planning my meals and exercise will be the key to my daily success.

I have a month to get off 4 pounds, and have my follow up appointment with my nutritionist.  (Realistic goal Р4 pounds; would love to have all of the regain gone at 8 pounds!)  David and I will be gearing up for the Ho Ho Hustle 5k on December 9.  So exercise is a must to beat my time from last year.

Side note:  I am continuing to take college courses (YAY), and will be taking Nutrition next semester.  It will count as an elective in my AA, but for me personally, something I have had a long desire to learn.  I have a want to relearn what is healthy, and how to be healthy in everyday life.  I think it will benefit my family as well, well hopefully.

Happy thanksgiving week.  Stay safe.


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Bucket List #18

My bucket list item #18 is conquer math. ¬†I began the journey in January with developmental math due to my placement test. ¬†I have such test anxiety that it wouldn’t have mattered how much I would have prepared for the placement test. ¬†I needed to go to the first developmental class. ¬†I was really okay with this.

The first day, I was freaking out about the end of the book.  Everything looked so foreign to me.  Like an alien language.  But that was day one.

I conquered the first Mat 0018 with an A!!  I took my final on Monday night for the Mat 0028, and received a 96!!  Oh my goodness!!  How scared I was to even begin Math.  All it took was a step.

So, I have gotten over the beginnings of Math.  This summer I will take Intermediate Algebra.  And, hopefully, I will conquer it.  Fall will be College Algebra.  Lord willing.

What have you conquered? ¬†So another goal met, and it’s only May. ¬†Ha. Got a ways to go, but loving this.

I never thought I would be able to do any of this with my Lupus and my old weight.  Only due to the weight loss, am I able to do so much.  I fight fatigue with my lupus.  The fatigue is still here.  But I fight it.  Daily.


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Garage done!

These are some of the before pictures of the garage. ¬†The table and couch have gone to homes that will love them as much as we did. ¬†Other items either needed to be organized or moved to another area. ¬†Lots of it had to go find its way out the door…period.

What I thought would never happen, did today.  The garage was a clutter zone filled with everyones stuff.  All of the things that never get put away from where they came.  All of the things that should either go out the door to the charity in need, or in the trash has now been disposed.


Stephen helped me against his will, but the goal was met today.  I had been working on portions of it for about two months now.  But this afternoon a tennis ball was hung from the ceiling, and the SUV parked nicely inside.

I am feeling accomplished again. Two days in a row.

So goal met.  I still have some things that need going through, but that is for another day.

Happy December 1st.

Jerry Ann