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“That ‘no’ you’re getting from God may be to block you from taking the worst detour of your life.  Don’t force a ‘yes’.  He has a better ‘yes’ ahead.” – Beth Moore

“You will hear your Teacher’s voice behind you.  You will hear it whether you turn to the right or the left.  It will say, ‘Here is the path I want you to take.  So walk in it.” – Isaiah 30:21 (NIRV)


Jerry Ann

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Blogging Break

break - 2

I will be taking a break from the blog.  I am not putting into it what I feel needs to be done on a daily basis.

I had a goal to post daily a couple of years ago, and completed that commitment and goal.  I went from seven followers to over 340 (still can’t believe that!).  I enjoyed a lot aspects of it especially getting to know all of you.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Continued blessings.

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“Those who promote peace have joy.” Proverbs 12:20

Trying to remember this as the Christmas season is coming soon. I am really wanting to jump ahead to Christmas but remember that I need to be so very thankful where I am and how far I have come.

Promote peace…have joy. ❤️ Thankful for you.


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A Reminder

This past weekend I had the privilege of several discussions with our daughter about life in general.  This post came across my social media, and I instantly thought of her and our talks.

In reality, we don’t have to do anything for anyone…If we want to cook, shave, or wear pink – do it.  Just don’t change yourself for someone else.

They deserve you – all of you – just the way you are.


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Spaghetti Carbonara

Cravings can be a wonderful thing especially for me in the kitchen.  When it gets cold outside, I want to be in the kitchen.  Cooking makes me happy.  I enjoy it.  I was craving spaghetti carbonara.  Again, a pretty simple dish, and one that I normally have the items in either the pantry or the fridge.

Chop three to four cloves of garlic.Cook bacon, and keep the fat in the pan.  Remove the bacon from the pan, and coarsely chop.Barilla has this wonderful pasta that has 17 grams of protein so I can have some pasta and not feel as though I am cheating completely (because we all have those days).  Follow the directions on the pasta to al dente.  Drain, but reserve one or two cups of pasta water for later in the dish.Mix together two eggs and one cup of Parmesan.  You can add more eggs just make sure that you whip or blend it with the cheese thoroughly.Add the pasta to the pan (with the bacon), stir to coat. Quickly stir in the egg mixture, and add a generous amount of black pepper.img_5520Add some of the pasta water if it seems thick, but just continue to stir until the cheese mixture is fully coated on the pasta.Top with grated cheese and parsley if desired.This made my night!  It is rich and creamy, and completely satisfying.

Let me know if you try it.


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Zuppa Toscana

Since the weather has turned for the colder here in Florida, I was wanting something warm and comforting.  Our friends had made their version of this soup, and thought it was time for me to make my own.

Brown, and drain four slices of bacon (roughly chop).Most recipes call for hot Italian sausage.  I used mild Italian sausage (out of the casing), and add red chili flakes to control the heat.  Brown the sausage in the same pan.Remove when cooked through, and drain on paper towels.

Halve and slice six to eight medium potatoes (russet potatoes work best as you want the starchiness).  I do rinse these and drain before adding to the oil.Chop one medium onion, and add it and the potatoes to the oil (I did remove almost half of the oil after browning the sausage).  Season with salt and pepper. Stir to coat.  Cook for about three minutes stirring occasionally.Add in two containers (six cups) of chicken broth or stock, and bring to a boil.  After boiling, reduce and simmer for twelve to fifteen minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender.Rinse or wash curly kale.  Remove the stems, and tear or cut into bite size pieces.  Add to the pot, stir and cook for about three minutes or until the kale is wilted.Add in the sausage, and bring to a simmer.Once the soup has simmered, add the chopped bacon.  Then add one cup of heavy cream, stir and heat through.  Serve with bread or crackers.You can serve this with or without Parmesan cheese.  I love cheese on this soup, so it was a definite add for me.Enjoy!!