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Carmen was home last weekend, and claims my craft room/office as her bedroom for when she is here.  We got her a really nice air mattress, and it accommodates her fine especially since her main living space is at school.

I limit my time in my office due to her “space” usage, and just to be respectful for her to have a retreat at home.  Part of my routine on the weekends is to go upstairs, scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and the news.  Have some time for Bible study, and meditation.  Review our money, pay bills, and blog.

Here it is Saturday, and I got to my craft room to start my Facebook scrolling.  I had to move some papers around (I try to keep things organized), and I found this under my computer mouse.I often send her encouraging notes so she has some mail away from home.  But for her to do this…for me…blew me away this morning.

I love her dearly, and so very grateful for her encouragement in whatever I am doing.


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Carmen’s Thoughts – Parent Appreciation

When I was in nursing school, the majority of my classmates were older than me, and of those people, they were mostly working parents trying to get a degree to better theirs and their family’s lives.

Once school gets in full swing, plus work and anything else I’m involved with, my schedule gets really busy and I can feel overwhelmed. Then, once I calm down, I start to think of the parents that are also in school (shout-out to Mom to taking two classes again!). The student-parents do everything I do, plus take care of a family, sometimes all on their own.

Some of these parents aren’t that much older than me, but it all blows my mind. I can barely take care of myself, let alone a tiny human. I look up to these strong people who do what they can to make their children’s lives easier in the long run.

If you’re a student, parent, or both, you are amazing. You do what few people can handle. You are strong, and deserve to be recognized.


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Sunday Thought 

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” – Epictetus

I work with a Negative Nelly.  You know, the kind of person that is never happy, always has something to say which is typically negative.  I don’t like being around her.  I work down the hall, and it is near impossible not to hear her.  She deals with the customers, in her own way, positively.  But the constant no or negative wears on me.

I have to make an effort to stay positive.  I have to or my anxiety sky rockets.  I am certain that there are people who are always happy.  They exude a positive attitude.  I have a couple of friends that are that way.  I love spending time with my friends who are really positive and encouraging.  I have the tendency to be negative or vent too much it seems.  Again, I have to work on being positive.

Surrounding ourselves with people who love us sometimes is enough.  Surrounding ourselves with positive, encouraging people is best.  I am still trying to find my purpose.  I know that I encourage some, but not all.  I want to be better.  I want to strive daily to be better – positive – to encourage and uplift.

Trying to be positive with Nelly.  Trying to reflect the negativity and turn it to something positive.  Continuing to be a team player, and step in and help where needed.  It is harder than I have dealt with in the past.  I realize that time is too short for us to have to be around those who bring us down.  We want to be around happy people.   I want to be a happy person.  I want to be around happy people.  Struggling.

What do you struggle with?