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Getting Back on Track!

So I have confessed that I have had weight gain the past several months.  Well, back up to 197 is not a good feeling!! I had been maintaining for several months, and as my friend Beth pointed out, maintaining is difficult to do.  At least I haven’t been gaining this entire time.

Putting on the weight has been very easy to do.  Getting it back off (especially at 51 years of age) is hard.  I saw my weight loss doctor and nutritionist for my 18 month check up, and they suggested I do a reset.   The reset is titled “Getting Back on Track!”, and I began on Monday.  I am doing a liquid fast (juices, jello, no protein shakes or solid foods) for at least two to three days.  I didn’t want to start it before Thanksgiving or the Bestie weekend…so three weeks from Christmas I begin again.

I hadn’t been exercising either.  So Monday, got up (later than normal but got up), and walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  Not great, but it is a start – again.  David and I are signed up for the 5k that we did a year ago.  I had high hopes for cutting down my time, but now all I want to do is be able to finish again.

It is frustrating how easy it is to lose track of a habit that benefits me.  I love the effects the weight loss surgery has given me (a great tool), but it still takes effort and work.  Nothing is easy (apparently putting the weight on is!), but I know that I am not perfect and the baby steps have begun again.

Journey to healthy…again.


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Back to it…

Today I begin classes again. I am nervous and excited. 

I got my toes done on Saturday and realized that the color matches my new backpack. 

I just purchased the backpack.  I have lots of totes and bags but not a backpack.

So on our recent trip to LSU, I got a backpack. I so feel like an actual student! 

Ready for what today holds…

Happy Monday…blessings. 

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Moved My Cheese.

So, last week I moved my cheese.

I quit my job.  I have worked there for 12 years, doing a variety of things.  It is different not having to go in on a Monday morning.  It is different not dreading Monday.

Yesterday was the first time in a very long time I sat in my church just as a church member.

God has placed the right people in place for me to let go.  Let go.  If any of you know me, you know how very difficult that truly is. Letting go for me has never been easy.  This was different.  God let this go.  He is letting me relax in this guided path.

I will still be there as a consultant when they need me.  If they need me.

But this week, new habits, new routines, new beginnings.

Jerry Ann

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Moving My Cheese

Several years ago, there was a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson.  The basic premise of the book is there is constant change.  It is how we deal with the change that either allows us to find where our cheese has moved, or die continuing to go back where it was.

I have always been fine with change so long as it was me doing the changing.  You know what I mean…when we manage the control…everything is fine.  I have had this as my mantra for a while now (since reading the book I believe).  Moving my cheese…is happening now.  

I have been looking to do something different for a while now, and I am taking a leap of faith.  

I will update once everything is in place.  Prayers appreciated.

Jerry Ann

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I have been praying for answers for a long time now. I think we all do, in all aspects of our lives. I have been diagnoised with Lupus in May of 2008. Lots of steps in that direction, and more confusion. Yesterday I was diagnoised with Sjogrens Syndrome, and Raynauds. My new doctor is wonderful and ended my session with “you are weird.” Really? I have known that for a long while. I start Methotrexate tomorrow, and I am terrified. Terrified of what it will do to my body, and terrified what this disease has already done to my body and mind. I am positive to everyone, the majority of the time. God has provided me with a tremendous peace, and I do my best to portray God’s peace. It is so hard. Hard. I so want to scream, and kick, to be mad at God. Today, I had a precious friend call just to check on me. She cried when she heard what I am going through. I was strong with that conversation, but the moment I hung up, I cried. Terrified once again. I believe that I am saved by grace, and will be healed completely. There are moments of doubt when I try to control, but I come back to rejoicing in the Lord. Always. Phil. 4:4. Answers are only the beginning. Blessings. Jerry Ann

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Beginnings Continued…

I say in the title continued, mainly because I am tired of all of the endings.

I was on vacation last week (my staycation), and accomplished a lot , but not near what I wanted to.  But it is back to the daily grind with a little change.

My biggest accomplishment, I believe, are my children.  Carmen left today for Camp War Eagle (Freshman orientation), at Auburn. It is the beginning of her being away from home. It is the beginning of just Stephen and I as far as school is concerned.

But a wonderful new beginning for her.  She is truly excited, and for me it is bittersweet.  I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished.  Sad because she starts a new chapter in her life, full of adventure and without us.  Truly the beginnings of adulthood.

Carmen at 2 (daycare picture), and one of my favorite photographs of her.  Carmen’s smile is contagious. And, isn’t just like parents to remember them young and sweet.  One of my favorite commercials is a little 3 or 4 year old getting ready to back out of her driveway, and her Dad sees her like that.  But in reality, she is a grown woman. And the Dad just watches her go.

I believe her smile still is contagious.  She is going to have a great time at Auburn.  I also believe that we have raised her with a sweet spirit of fellowship and love.  I pray that God places in her path godly friends that are strong in their convictions.

He has blessed us with such a precious gift.  I love the woman she has become, and look forward to hearing of her beginnings.

Have a wonderful week.

Jerry Ann

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Endings and New Beginnings

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long while.  We have been busy with Carmen and Stephen’s graduations.  Finally have a moment to post some pictures of all of the events that have kept us occupied for the past several weeks.

First was Stephen’s graduation.  He has attended Liza Jackson Preparatory School since Kindergarten.  This hit me emotionally far more than I realized it would.  Alex, and Nico have been consistent friends through middle school, and we are thankful for their friendships.  Stephen is going to be (hopefully) the Stylemarchers at Choctaw High next fall.  He has had a rough year, but survived, and we are all truly thankful.

Carmen graduated with Cum Laude Honors, National Honor Society, French Honor, International Baccalaureate program, Yearbook staff, Wheelettes Service Club, Indian Scholar, and Anne T. Mitchell Award recipient for 4 years.  Lots, that meant she worked hard (not really – she is really gifted in a lot of areas, which irritates me and Stephen.) and awarded for her work.

Carmen will be attending Auburn in the Fall, with some scholarships (Yeah!!).  We are transitioning this summer (I guess), and will be busy with getting her ready to be on her own.  

So, again, thank you for your patience.  I will be updating more now (hopefully), but haven’t been cooking, let alone time for posting.

Have a great summer!! 

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Origins of this hutch are unknown.  My mother had it shipped (bought approximately in 1955 – Germany) when she moved to my father’s family home in Texas.  It was part of a set with a credenza (which she had, and I have now).

Mom left it with my grandparents when she moved.  It is 7 feet by 5 feet and inches, and approximately 25 inches deep.  So considering its size, I can understand why it wasn’t moved.  After time, she couldn’t move it (my grandmother used it). When Mamaw passed, Mom wanted it shipped, but it was too costly.  Time passed, and Katrina and Ike hit Houston.  A tree fell on the home and due to many reasons the hutch was exposed for the past 5 years.

My Uncle and Aunt sold the land that the house is on, and my Uncle Jake graciously offered to take it apart and store it until I could travel with a vehicle large enough to accommodate it.

We decided to rent a large enough SUV or mini-van so that the hutch would not be exposed to the elements any further.  We rented a Ford Flex.

I have to say, that this is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ridden/driven in a long time!  It is very boxy looking from the outside, but oh, the inside…7 passengers…and all could have the same amount of leg room—it isn’t tiny!  Oh, and the heated seats and Sirius radio are wonderful extras. 
Hutch….sections of it laying in our garage.  After hearing about this for the majority of my life, and not remembering what it looked it, I could not stand it any longer —-we started cleaning it and trying to find a wall to place it against.  
It has two drawers that were lined with felt and blocks positioned so that your silver could be stored.  It was too far gone, and we decided to remove the felt lining.  It was a tedious task, but well worth it.  We took care to remove as much of the glue as possible.  
This is the base.  We cleaned the pieces with Murphy Oil Soap mixed with hot water.  The interior pieces were gorgeous, and showed what the piece should look like without the exposure.  We moved around the dinette table in the kitchen (it has drop sides) and moved it against a short wall.  We placed the base piece along the largest part of the wall.
 Hutch empty with side doors opened.
Doors opened and loaded with the majority of my Mom’s table linens, and china.  
It needs to be cleaned again, and I will more than likely clean it with the oil soap several times before applying anything else to it.  I am in awe of its size, and every time I walk into the kitchen I touch it.  I can’t help myself.  I am thrilled that David and I took the time to clean it and reassemble it.  It has meant so much to reconnect with my Father’s family, and for me to connect in a different way with my Mom.  I  don’t know what she went through, and only she and the Lord Almighty will ever know.  But I love that I can pass this down to Carmen and Stephen, and share a story of family.