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Getting Back on Track!

So I have confessed that I have had weight gain the past several months.  Well, back up to 197 is not a good feeling!! I had been maintaining for several months, and as my friend Beth pointed out, maintaining is difficult to do.  At least I haven’t been gaining this entire time. Putting on the… Continue reading Getting Back on Track!

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Back to it…

Today I begin classes again. I am nervous and excited.  I got my toes done on Saturday and realized that the color matches my new backpack.  I just purchased the backpack.  I have lots of totes and bags but not a backpack. So on our recent trip to LSU, I got a backpack. I so… Continue reading Back to it…

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Moved My Cheese.

So, last week I moved my cheese. I quit my job.  I have worked there for 12 years, doing a variety of things.  It is different not having to go in on a Monday morning.  It is different not dreading Monday. Yesterday was the first time in a very long time I sat in my… Continue reading Moved My Cheese.

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Moving My Cheese

Several years ago, there was a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson.  The basic premise of the book is there is constant change.  It is how we deal with the change that either allows us to find where our cheese has moved, or die continuing to go back where it was.I have always been fine with… Continue reading Moving My Cheese

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I have been praying for answers for a long time now. I think we all do, in all aspects of our lives. I have been diagnoised with Lupus in May of 2008. Lots of steps in that direction, and more confusion. Yesterday I was diagnoised with Sjogrens Syndrome, and Raynauds. My new doctor is wonderful… Continue reading Answers…

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Beginnings Continued…

I say in the title continued, mainly because I am tired of all of the endings. I was on vacation last week (my staycation), and accomplished a lot , but not near what I wanted to.  But it is back to the daily grind with a little change. My biggest accomplishment, I believe, are my… Continue reading Beginnings Continued…

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Endings and New Beginnings

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long while.  We have been busy with Carmen and Stephen’s graduations.  Finally have a moment to post some pictures of all of the events that have kept us occupied for the past several weeks. First was Stephen’s graduation.  He has attended Liza Jackson Preparatory School… Continue reading Endings and New Beginnings

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Origins of this hutch are unknown.  My mother had it shipped (bought approximately in 1955 – Germany) when she moved to my father’s family home in Texas.  It was part of a set with a credenza (which she had, and I have now). Mom left it with my grandparents when she moved.  It is 7… Continue reading Hutch