About Me

Thoughts about our days, nights, and the moments in-between…

Just like the above states, this blog is a little bit of everything in my day to day life.  I encourage others, and always want to give my two or three cents.  My family and I live on the Emerald Coast of Florida.  White sandy beaches, and emerald green water can calm my soul any time.

Wife to David in 2006, he joined our ready made family.  Carmen and Stephen welcomed him joyfully, and we added to our family with lovable fur babies, Dexter (fox terrier) and Abigail (cat).

My diagnosis of Lupus in May of 2008 brought complications to my German heritage of organization and cleanliness. Hurdle that it was, my loving (but irritated at times) family has pitched in, but mostly we have a dirty but welcoming home. (You are coming to see me not my house, right?)

My family history consists of my German immigrant Mother.  She passed in February of 2006.  All of her family still resides in Germany.  I have been several times, and in 2007 took David and the kids.  I love to cook, and base most of my cooking on my background (NW Arkansas), and now, trying to be healthier, cooking without processed foods.  Trying to combine those has been difficult, but I am having fun in the process.

I have had Gastric Sleeve surgery on May 16, 2016.  My journey is detailed under a separate page.  I have incorporated my diet into our daily lives now, and give thoughts on those changes.

So, I like to suggest things to cook, how to clean (well, when I clean…), and parenting basics (we have two grown children ages 25, and 21; and I have years of experience as a Preschool and Children’s Director with a Southern Baptist Church).   I also like to post encouragements now and again.  Take a look around, stay a while, and let me know what you think.

Blessings, Jerry Ann

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