Whole Wheat Banana Bread

  Lisa Leake at 100 Days of Real Food  posted this recipe on her Facebook page the other day.  I had recently purchased whole wheat floor, coconut oil and organic honey for another recipe. This one sounded delicious and I had all of the ingredients. So I made it.  It is definitely different, and dense.  The… Continue reading Whole Wheat Banana Bread


Cream Chicken with Tomato Raguot

Another night of “what to cook” for dinner…? Well, searching through Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food cookbook, and I find: Baked Chicken with eggplant, zucchini and tomato ragout…well, I don’t have half of the items needed…so I will just wing it. Saute the chicken, seasoned with coarse salt and pepper (I used rib-bone in chicken breasts)… Continue reading Cream Chicken with Tomato Raguot


White Beans & Ham

After thinking that I was supposed to be cooking chicken-and-dumplings (forgetting to lay out the chicken), I remembered that I had the leftover ham bone and meat from Easter dinner. Carmen volunteered to go to the store (Wal-Mart), and returned with the needed green bell pepper, and purple onion. So, I made white beans and… Continue reading White Beans & Ham



Asparagus…Easter Sunday menu of baked ham (spiral cut with a honey glaze), roasted potatoes, and roasted asparagus.This blogging thing is new to me (and to my family) , and I forgot, once again, to take photos.But…Yum. I love asparagus. 2 bunches asparagus (washed, and snapped)1 to 2 tablespoons olive oilcracked salt & pepper to tasteOven… Continue reading Asparagus