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Project Runway 

I saw the advertisement for the new season of Project Runway Season 16 last night to begin this week.  The show is a definite indulgence for me (and drives David crazy as he doesn’t like it). I usually love this show just on the basic fashion and sewing competition.  This season however, excites me even… Continue reading Project Runway 

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David’s Thoughts

Hello, it’s David again! Today, I wanted to write about another aspect of my life with Jerry that has changed since her weight loss surgery – food and eating. Now, I know that sounds like an obvious point, and I knew that Jerry’s diet would have to change after her surgery, but I didn’t really… Continue reading David’s Thoughts

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David’s Thoughts

Hi, this is David, Jerry’s husband. She has asked me to put this post together to talk about how her weight loss journey has impacted the people in her life. Well, I have definitely been impacted, so I think I can offer up some observations. There have been two major effects that immediately come to… Continue reading David’s Thoughts

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Guest Posts

In the next week or so, David (hubby), will be guest posting on his perspective on my weight loss journey and our new life. Obviously the changes we make affect the people around us, so I thought it might be good to hear from someone affected by my changes. Hopefully, we will all be able… Continue reading Guest Posts

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Sushi, again

Last night, we went to dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant – Juno’s. Juno couldn’t remember what he made me last time, but we decided to try a “rainbow roll” modified. Instead of steam shrimp he used shrimp tempura which added a crunch, but the toppings were the same.  No rice, cucumber, avocado or seaweed… Continue reading Sushi, again

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Today is National Watermelon Day. I used to hate watermelon (before surgery).  Then it seemed, after surgery, I craved it.   My Mom ate it while she was pregnant with me, and I do believe that had something to do with my not liking it. But, not anymore. On the above information picture it states… Continue reading Watermelon

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Non-Scale Victory 

Carmen and traveled to Walt Disney World over the Fourth of July holiday. In the past, I would have had to rent a scooter just to get around.  I wouldn’t be able to ride any rides (or if I did my bones would not like me). This time was SO different.  I was able not… Continue reading Non-Scale Victory 

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I am one cheap date. Really.  I like most drinks/cocktails now.  I haven’t always been able to drink.  I think part of my surgery took the part of my stomach that couldn’t handle alcohol.  I know it sounds crazy, but my friends can attest that I would not be able to drink a full glass… Continue reading Wine

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Parmesan Cheese Crisps…have become my go to snack.  They are bitter, salty, with a super amount of crunch.  9 grams of protein for 15 chips! Hello! Love them with my glass of Chardonnay, or any other drink for that matter. I need to try the cheddar ones, but for now these will do.  Blessings!