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Bucket List

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, y’all know that I love going to famous chef’s restaurants.  So David and I were in Las Vegas for our anniversary and birthdays.  We were able to go to several Bucket List places.

We went to Giada’s, and to Robert Irvine’s Public House.  Both were wonderful.But the one place we were absolutely in love with was Hell’s Kitchen-at Caesar’s Palace.  We had seared scallops, lobster risotto as appetizers.  (And I did’t eat all of my meal.)Then I had the Beef Wellington and David had the beef short ribs.  Everything was incredible.  We have watched Hell’s Kitchen, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Being able to eat at the Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen was amazing.  I know that it wasn’t the actually studio for the filming, but…it was incredible experience and meal.We had a ball, had some really great food.  Truly a wonderful day.


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Bucket List-Algebra

I can now say that I have conquered Algebra!  I received my final grade of “C”.  I will take it.  I so struggled with this.

I knew the material, just really struggled with the tests.  Overall, I did well.  I am so thankful it is done.  The anxiety with the tests was really overwhelming.  I tried my oils, medicine, and breathing techniques.  I still found myself staring at my test with – uhm – what is this? I LOVED this from Carmen.  My family has been incredibly supportive.

I have made it a goal to take six courses (two classes per semester) in 2018 beginning with Statistics (math again), and Nutrition.  I am not looking forward to the Statistics course, but I am the Nutrition course.  I think if I can get through this next math, I will be okay in school.  I know that I will struggle, but just looking forward to learning and growing.

So onward, right?  Happy to have a break for a couple of weeks.



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18 Months

Wow…it seems like forever ago that I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.  Then again, it seems like yesterday.  It is much harder to work at maintaining especially now with my gain of eight pounds.

I had my 18 month check up Friday. My doctor was concerned about the gain, as am I.  I do not want to go back there.Stephen has this picture hanging up in his room.  I thought I looked good at the time.  It was a good picture of all of us.  I have a fear of this.  I know that I can’t get there quickly, but it will creep up on me if I am not careful.  I know the gain I have had is directly linked to the lack in my planning of meals, or my exercise.  It shows.

So as I said yesterday…resetting my focus.  Reclaiming that I can do this, and will with God’s grace.  Having the support of my nutritionist in what I want to do with my diet, I plan on beginning after Thanksgiving.  I don’t want to start only to set myself up for failure.  Planning my meals and exercise will be the key to my daily success.

I have a month to get off 4 pounds, and have my follow up appointment with my nutritionist.  (Realistic goal – 4 pounds; would love to have all of the regain gone at 8 pounds!)  David and I will be gearing up for the Ho Ho Hustle 5k on December 9.  So exercise is a must to beat my time from last year.

Side note:  I am continuing to take college courses (YAY), and will be taking Nutrition next semester.  It will count as an elective in my AA, but for me personally, something I have had a long desire to learn.  I have a want to relearn what is healthy, and how to be healthy in everyday life.  I think it will benefit my family as well, well hopefully.

Happy thanksgiving week.  Stay safe.


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Emeril’s Coastal Italian

I love Emeril.  Always have.  We loved dinning at Emeril’s Delmonico in Las Vegas.  He now has a restaurant in Miramar Beach – Emeril’s Coastal Italian.

David and I were out in Destin on Saturday, and decided to take a chance and have an early dinner/late lunch.

We had a wonderful time.  Robin and Lindsey were our servers, and they were helpful, and attentive.  David had the smoked fish dip and flatbread meatball pizza, and I had the coastal board with Bluefin Tuna Tartare, Jumbo lump crab salad, and Grouper cerviche.  I also had Emeril’s Chardonnay.

It was wonderful.  We ended with desserts; David had the Chocolate Hazelnut pudding, and I had the Olive Oil cake with salted caramel.

We will have to go only every once and a while, but this will be a go-to place for now on.  Amazing food, service, and prices were very reasonable.




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Revising My Bucket List

I have been wanting to revamp or streamline my bucket list especially since my weight loss.  To keep myself accountable, I am doing it here.  I am not placing order on the items as when I have the opportunity it will happen, right?

Original post in August 2012 – with updates

  • Travel (anywhere)– Just travel
  • Tandem jump
  • Parasail
  • Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Learn to speak German (take a class)
  • Open a store or tea shop
  • Write a cookbook/book
  • Conquer Algebra (still in process)
  • Participate in a Disney 1/2 marathon (walking)
  • Fit into a size 10-12
  • Crochet or knit a blanket
  • Speak in front of a group of people
  • Learn how to can vegetables, or make jam and fruit preserves
  • Learn more than 6 words in sign language
  • Live in Europe
  • Own a Corvette
  • Go to a Dallas Cowboys Football game
  • Attend a gymnastics or ice skating Olympic event

One of my favorite things to do is eat at famous chef’s restaurants.  My list so far is below, and really don’t have a bucket list for them until we travel somewhere.

Emeril’s, Delmonico Steak House, Las Vegas
Chef Art Smith – Art and Soul, Washington DC, and Homecoming, Disney Springs
Morimoto’s, Asia, Disney Springs
Cat Cora’s, Kouzzina, now closed, at the Board Walk, Disney World
Wolfgang Puck’s, the Dining Room, Disney Springs
Gordan Ramsey’s, The Savoy, London
Paula Dean’s, Lady and Sons, Savannah, GA

Updated list for now anyway.   What is on your list?


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Bucket List #21

On my bucket list, #21 is to see the band U2 in concert.  CHECK!

Thursday night in New Orleans (nose bleeds) in the super dome with my concert buddy -Carmen. AWESOME!





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With all of the change I will be experiencing in the next month, we decided to drop my summer classes.  I wasn’t doing well with the online math class due to losing focus.  I need the structure of a classroom.  I am too new to this back to school thing, and admitting that I can’t do it right now is good.

I am enough.  To say no is okay.  I am very emotional about this. Right now really defeated.  But Fall is just around the corner.  And I will conquer these classes then! 

Prayers appreciated.  Blessings.


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Bucket List #18

My bucket list item #18 is conquer math.  I began the journey in January with developmental math due to my placement test.  I have such test anxiety that it wouldn’t have mattered how much I would have prepared for the placement test.  I needed to go to the first developmental class.  I was really okay with this.

The first day, I was freaking out about the end of the book.  Everything looked so foreign to me.  Like an alien language.  But that was day one.

I conquered the first Mat 0018 with an A!!  I took my final on Monday night for the Mat 0028, and received a 96!!  Oh my goodness!!  How scared I was to even begin Math.  All it took was a step.

So, I have gotten over the beginnings of Math.  This summer I will take Intermediate Algebra.  And, hopefully, I will conquer it.  Fall will be College Algebra.  Lord willing.

What have you conquered?  So another goal met, and it’s only May.  Ha. Got a ways to go, but loving this.

I never thought I would be able to do any of this with my Lupus and my old weight.  Only due to the weight loss, am I able to do so much.  I fight fatigue with my lupus.  The fatigue is still here.  But I fight it.  Daily.


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Math Class

I begin my next Math class tonight.  I am anxious again.  I didn’t think I would be able to get through the first class, but I did.

Looking back to the beginning of my math book, everything seemed foreign.  A very strange language that was familiar but I had no clue what to do.  Now, still not completely sure of myself.  Self doubt reigns.  It is done.  First one done.  I conquered.  Ha.  Not really. Self doubt lingers.

As I look to tonight, I need to remind myself that the end will be here before I realize it.  That everything always looks worse for me at the beginning.  That I will conquer this class as well.  Then to the next one, right?

Anxiety has been worse the past couple of weeks.  Reminding myself of things to be grateful for helps.  I am grateful that I am able to go back to school at 50.  I am grateful for a math class to conquer.  Maybe.

What are you grateful for?

Blessings for the new week.