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18 Months

Wow…it seems like forever ago that I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.  Then again, it seems like yesterday.  It is much harder to work at maintaining especially now with my gain of eight pounds. I had my 18 month check up Friday. My doctor was concerned about the gain, as am I.  I do not… Continue reading 18 Months

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Emeril’s Coastal Italian

I love Emeril.  Always have.  We loved dinning at Emeril’s Delmonico in Las Vegas.  He now has a restaurant in Miramar Beach – Emeril’s Coastal Italian. David and I were out in Destin on Saturday, and decided to take a chance and have an early dinner/late lunch. We had a wonderful time.  Robin and Lindsey… Continue reading Emeril’s Coastal Italian

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Revising My Bucket List

I have been wanting to revamp or streamline my bucket list especially since my weight loss.  To keep myself accountable, I am doing it here.  I am not placing order on the items as when I have the opportunity it will happen, right? Original post in August 2012 – with updates Travel (anywhere)– Just travel… Continue reading Revising My Bucket List

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With all of the change I will be experiencing in the next month, we decided to drop my summer classes.  I wasn’t doing well with the online math class due to losing focus.  I need the structure of a classroom.  I am too new to this back to school thing, and admitting that I can’t… Continue reading Dropping

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Bucket List #18

My bucket list item #18 is conquer math.  I began the journey in January with developmental math due to my placement test.  I have such test anxiety that it wouldn’t have mattered how much I would have prepared for the placement test.  I needed to go to the first developmental class.  I was really okay… Continue reading Bucket List #18

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Math Class

I begin my next Math class tonight.  I am anxious again.  I didn’t think I would be able to get through the first class, but I did. Looking back to the beginning of my math book, everything seemed foreign.  A very strange language that was familiar but I had no clue what to do.  Now,… Continue reading Math Class

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30. Be a mentor.

My bucket list was updated a week or so ago, and I had a precious friend question #30. Be a mentor.  She reminded me that I was there for her as a new Mom, and as a leader in my church at the time when she desperately needed one. “Do you seriously not see yourself… Continue reading 30. Be a mentor.

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Bucket List – Updated

Below is a Bucket List that I put together in August of 2012. I have recently purchased a Passion Planner (, and have written goals. I somewhat did this last year with my weight being the highest priority. So this year I wanted to revisit my Bucket List. I have been thinking a lot of… Continue reading Bucket List – Updated