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I have been feeling overwhelmed the past couple of days.

I feel as though I have taken on too much…at work and at home. Nothing is getting a hundred percent of me. I feel as though I am not even giving seventy percent to anything.

Home or personal…class –ugh! I signed up for a couch to 5k…feeling completely defeated as my hips are killing me today. I should have been at practice last night but instead took a bath. Class…ya not currently in the mood which isn’t helping.

Work…too many things coming at once and I actually feel trapped. I am able to do my job but feel as though I can’t keep up with what is coming at me (not able to do what needs to get done at the best of my ability).

Too much right now…trying to breathe.


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Free Seats – Baseball

LSU Baseball…again…my weekend with Carmen after my 5k Lucky Leprechaun that morning, drove for 5 hours, then dinner. Yes, we had to eat. Then we went to see if there were any seats left at the game.  Well, the rain helped for the empty seats, and the score did as well.  We got in for free, and seats at 3rd base.  Free seats weren’t bad at all.  We even made it on National TV – ESPN – David recorded it on his phone.  I am not sure why I am so wiggly…but Carmen and I make the same facial expressions. Yes she is mine, and I can’t deny it with this video!

We had a great time.  Home, bed, and then up for the Founder’s Day events on Saturday.  But first, selfies.Love her.


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Ho Ho Hustle Part 2

Ho Ho Hustle 5k is today.

The low is supposed to be below freezing, and the high only 44.  Last year was cold as well. It was 35 degrees when when finished.

That was my first Walking 5k that we did last December.  I hope to beat my time of 59:43 this year!

I DID!! 54:22!!!! Not my best but so happy!!


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Mud Bug 5k

Last Saturday, David and I participated in the Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers Mud Bug 5k.  It is a great fund raiser, and got in another try at a 5k.  It was hot, and I hadn’t been working on my time or walking in general.I finished at 52:35 which was a minute less than the Lucky Leprechaun 5k that we did in March.  Again, just to be able to complete it is so much more than what I would have thought a year ago.

So only one more to do for the year to reach my 5k goal (3 this year total).  I think we will end up doing 5, but not going to jinx it.


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In December last year, David and walked our first 5k.  We did so much better than either one of thought we would 59:01.  One of my goals for this year is to participate in three 5k’s.  Doable.

Today we participated in our second 5k, walking again.  The Lucky Leprechaun 5k/10k in downtown Fort Walton Beach.  I love being able to participate in this walk.  David was able to walk with me.  So happy about that.

I beat my time of 59:01 and got in at 53:36.  I actually posted on the time on snap as 53:45.  But I beat my time by 5 plus minutes.  Huge success!  (So thankful for friends and taking our picture!!)

We celebrated with friends that ran/walked.

Part of goal met.  Success that I wasn’t dying after, and feel like I can do a better time for the next 5k.  Part of another non-weight loss goal was that I wore a regular skirt (from Party City).  The waist band was super tight, but it fit.  Plus it made me feel like I had on a skirt from high school (drill team).

So…try…you just never know what you may accomplish!



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So tonight we pick up our packets for our next 5k.  Although I think it will only be me walking on Saturday.   David has injured his back this past week.  Bad enough that he actually saw a doctor yesterday.  So, we are not sure if he will be able to walk on Saturday.

He has promised that he will go with me, and cheer me on at the finish line. Ha.  David has always been my cheerleader.  From day one of our friendship, he has encouraged me to be a better person.  He makes me feel smart, thin, and beautiful all at the same time.  I know I am in his eyes.  That is all that counts, right?

So I am going to try a walking 5k again, because:


So going for another accomplishment.



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9 Month Check

Officially it was my 9 month surgery anniversary on the 16th of this month.  I had my nutritionist check up today (a week late).

I am 120 pounds down.  I started at my heaviest at 315lbs.  I am 195lbs!!  So excited.  The picture on the right is from today before our walk.  The picture on the right is from two days before surgery in May.  I weighed 283 pounds.


I am down from 26-28 clothes to 14-16 depending on the brand.  I am really good with my tool so far.  I still have a way to go, but thrilled with my progress.  Getting healthy has been the biggest goal, and I am on my way.


This picture was after our walk.  We did the route for the upcoming 5k.  We did better on time, and I am thrilled that we weren’t slower. I am almost 20 pounds down from the last 5k, so that should be a benefit to our time as well.

What 2017 goals are you keeping?



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Ho Ho Hustle – 5k

On December 10, 2016, David and I participated in our first 5k.  Fort Walton Beach sponsored a Ho Ho Hustle 5k/10k for both runners and walkers for a Toys for Tots fundraiser.

I have had a 5k on my bucket list for a long while.  I originally thought one day I would run it, but after my last doctor appointment that won’t happen for a while.  My knees and hips are bone on bone, so walking is not a problem but running is not the option for a long while.

Ugh.  I have been walking Dexter, and averaging two miles in about 40 minutes.  So I thought that I was prepared for  3.2 miles.  I was and wasn’t.  The morning of the 5k it was a brisk 38 degrees.  Brrrr.  I so wanted to stay in our very warm bed.  But, David was the encouraging one, and we got up and out the door.

It was cold.  I was nervous.  Anxious.  Not sure about what was to happen, how things work, where to go, what to do, etc.  I do this about most things that are new to me.  And this was one of those days.

So, it was cold.  We lined up.  All of the runners get ahead of us.  Walkers in the back.  Okay. Sounds good to me.  We are in the middle of the “back” of the walkers.  And we are off.  Started out at a not slow but not fast pace.  Mid way through I felt as though we were still hanging in there.  David was super supportive staying at my pace when he could have gone way ahead.  So sweet.

I finished at 59:02.  Under 60 minutes. Okay. Not great, but not last either.  I did actually run for 10 seconds (just because), and it wasn’t really running. But above all, I finished.  I started, maintained, and finished.  David says now we have a time to beat.  I just want to start, compete, and finish again.  Maybe do this three or four times a year.  Goals for this year anyway.  But that is another post.