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In December last year, David and walked our first 5k.  We did so much better than either one of thought we would 59:01.  One of my goals for this year is to participate in three 5k’s.  Doable.

Today we participated in our second 5k, walking again.  The Lucky Leprechaun 5k/10k in downtown Fort Walton Beach.  I love being able to participate in this walk.  David was able to walk with me.  So happy about that.

I beat my time of 59:01 and got in at 53:36.  I actually posted on the time on snap as 53:45.  But I beat my time by 5 plus minutes.  Huge success!  (So thankful for friends and taking our picture!!)

We celebrated with friends that ran/walked.

Part of goal met.  Success that I wasn’t dying after, and feel like I can do a better time for the next 5k.  Part of another non-weight loss goal was that I wore a regular skirt (from Party City).  The waist band was super tight, but it fit.  Plus it made me feel like I had on a skirt from high school (drill team).

So…try…you just never know what you may accomplish!




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