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Carmen’s Thoughts – Finals Week

I have one year of school left before I graduate with my bachelor’s degree, and finals week always stresses me out. It stresses all students out. I’m borderline between grades in most of my classes, and there is never enough time in a day to get everything done. Add studying and homework on top of working at an online retail company (where people call and get really mean). Ugh.

But with some coffee, and maybe some yoga if I can squeeze it in, I can get through it. Just a few exams stand between me and a break. That, and some of these classes I’ll never have to take again (as long as I pass – I should, but still).

Good luck to anyone else going through finals. We can do it.

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18 Months

Wow…it seems like forever ago that I had my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.  Then again, it seems like yesterday.  It is much harder to work at maintaining especially now with my gain of eight pounds.

I had my 18 month check up Friday. My doctor was concerned about the gain, as am I.  I do not want to go back there.Stephen has this picture hanging up in his room.  I thought I looked good at the time.  It was a good picture of all of us.  I have a fear of this.  I know that I can’t get there quickly, but it will creep up on me if I am not careful.  I know the gain I have had is directly linked to the lack in my planning of meals, or my exercise.  It shows.

So as I said yesterday…resetting my focus.  Reclaiming that I can do this, and will with God’s grace.  Having the support of my nutritionist in what I want to do with my diet, I plan on beginning after Thanksgiving.  I don’t want to start only to set myself up for failure.  Planning my meals and exercise will be the key to my daily success.

I have a month to get off 4 pounds, and have my follow up appointment with my nutritionist.  (Realistic goal – 4 pounds; would love to have all of the regain gone at 8 pounds!)  David and I will be gearing up for the Ho Ho Hustle 5k on December 9.  So exercise is a must to beat my time from last year.

Side note:  I am continuing to take college courses (YAY), and will be taking Nutrition next semester.  It will count as an elective in my AA, but for me personally, something I have had a long desire to learn.  I have a want to relearn what is healthy, and how to be healthy in everyday life.  I think it will benefit my family as well, well hopefully.

Happy thanksgiving week.  Stay safe.


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“Climb the mountains and get their glad tidings.  Nature’s peace will flow to you as the sunshine flows into the trees.  The winds blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares drop away from you like the leaves of autumn.”

– John Muir

Hurricane Nate is supposed to hit tonight, and we are on the East side of the storm. We shouldn’t have too much issue as the storm is directed a bit more West this morning.  I am trying not to worry about what should or shouldn’t be done.

Busy trying to finish up my English homework before Carmen and I leave for a wedding of a friend of hers from school this afternoon.  Lots of things to do or to accomplish.  Just taking it a step at a time…climbing my mountains.


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College, Again

Well, week one has begun, and I am not freaking out.  I am calm.  Calmer than I should be when I think about all of the homework I need to have done by Monday.  I am feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done, work full time, and blog.

My goal of blogging everyday has become a little more difficult, and I am hopeful to continue with help from David.  Hopefully, I won’t be too scattered, and just asking for happy thoughts, and prayers.

Thank you!!


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Back to it…

Today I begin classes again. I am nervous and excited. 

I got my toes done on Saturday and realized that the color matches my new backpack. 

I just purchased the backpack.  I have lots of totes and bags but not a backpack.

So on our recent trip to LSU, I got a backpack. I so feel like an actual student! 

Ready for what today holds…

Happy Monday…blessings. 

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Part of being married is sharing, right?  I don’t mind sharing most things but when it comes to sharing a college, I normally don’t. 

Today LSU Baseball is playing in the super regional in Omaha.  The Razorbacks didn’t make it to the super regional, and being married to a LSU guy, I am supporting them.  Well, and Carmen is going there as well.  So being supportive of LSU isn’t that difficult really. So long as they aren’t playing my Razorbacks! Ha. 

Happy Saturday, and Gueax Tigers! 

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College, Lupus, and WLS

I have just begun my journey back to school.  At Jacquelyn’s graduation, I felt old sitting there with all of these young people that stuck with what they wanted.  There several that were older in the graduation ceremony.  But…I have remind myself that I have just started again.  I also feel like this past year has been really different in retrospect.

Richburg river

I have stuck with a diet plan and surgery.  I have gone back to full time work.  And, I have started a very long process of getting several degrees.  And, this blog…I have blogged for 5 months.  Crazy.  Walking every morning.  My college classes begin again on the 15th, and I have proven to myself that I can do this.

Following my planner has helped.  I have been keeping up with the day to day routines in my Passion Planner since January.  I think it really has helped.  I keep up with my health as well as my schedule, and most importantly goals.

Bariatric Surgery (WLS) has helped me with being able to function more than just for work.  I know that my body is still adjusting, and I still get flares from doing too much.  But I would rather be able to do most things than nothing at all.

Hair is going away again (on Methotrexate for Psoriasis), and I am not happy about that.  The plaque doesn’t seem to be getting any better, but have to continue it for a while before we make the decision to stop that again.  Fatigue has been bad recently.  But, again wouldn’t change my path (past) for anything.

Remember, May is Lupus Awareness.



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Little Things Mean A Lot

David and I made a quick trip to Birmingham on Friday for a sweet friend that is more family than friend.  Shana’s oldest, Jacquelyn, graduated with her Masters yesterday, and we were blessed to be a part of the celebration.
Jacquelyn finished her Masters degree in 5 1/2 years.  This was such a honor to be invited to the graduation, to be a part of the celebration.  They are family to me.  It was just a whirlwind visit, but so worth it.

It has been far too long in between visits.  This was a confirmation that we need to visit them more.  It seem like a such a little thing going up for an overnight visit, go to the graduation, and then right back home.  It meant a lot, not only to us, but to Jacquelyn and Shana.  Little things really do mean a lot.



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Endings and New Beginnings

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long while.  We have been busy with Carmen and Stephen’s graduations.  Finally have a moment to post some pictures of all of the events that have kept us occupied for the past several weeks.

First was Stephen’s graduation.  He has attended Liza Jackson Preparatory School since Kindergarten.  This hit me emotionally far more than I realized it would.  Alex, and Nico have been consistent friends through middle school, and we are thankful for their friendships.  Stephen is going to be (hopefully) the Stylemarchers at Choctaw High next fall.  He has had a rough year, but survived, and we are all truly thankful.

Carmen graduated with Cum Laude Honors, National Honor Society, French Honor, International Baccalaureate program, Yearbook staff, Wheelettes Service Club, Indian Scholar, and Anne T. Mitchell Award recipient for 4 years.  Lots, that meant she worked hard (not really – she is really gifted in a lot of areas, which irritates me and Stephen.) and awarded for her work.

Carmen will be attending Auburn in the Fall, with some scholarships (Yeah!!).  We are transitioning this summer (I guess), and will be busy with getting her ready to be on her own.  

So, again, thank you for your patience.  I will be updating more now (hopefully), but haven’t been cooking, let alone time for posting.

Have a great summer!! 

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Our road to college…

Carmen has decided to look in the State of Florida for colleges to attend.  And, if I may add, thank you God.  Money alone is enough justification, but add travel costs, especially now with gas prices, helps in finding one that is right for her and us.

I will say, I thought I was ready for this transition in our lives. I have been encouraging Carmen to look at lots of different schools, in and out of state. She has applied and has been accepted at LSU, Auburn, FSU, and Spring Hill.  All are absolutely wonderful schools, and well worth every penny just not our pennies.  FSU still may play in her decision, but right now, she isn’t feeling it.  Feeling it?  Really? 

She is 18.  An adult, I suppose, legally anyway.  But, if she continues to not be able to locate a place in her home town, how is she supposed to locate things at a university?  I want to let go, and let her find her way.  How do parents do this?

How do we do this?  Train them up – right?  Let them go?  They are not ours, but God’s – and for His purpose.  I know this.  I trust in Him to guide her path, and ours.  He has done an incredible job with Carmen so far.  I can’t wait to see what her future holds. 

College…her new adventure…and it continues…