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Struggling today…prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts appreciated.


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Ya, I am struggling. To stay positive, to be encouraging, to be who I want to be.

Life happens. I want to snack, have wine, not exercise-stuff, that isn’t positive or encouraging. But reality.

I struggle. Struggle with the day to day, routine crap that can tie you down and sink you in a second.

So, in bed by 9pm and taking all I can to get me through the day.

Today is new. Beginning again. Every day is a new day.


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Bariatric Surgery Update

Today I had my 1 year and 10 month check up.  I shouldn’t be here today, but since I have had regain (13 pounds), they want to have a tighter check on me.

I know what is causing my regain, and for me not to lose…is wine and not exercising.  I need to cut back on the wine, and walk everyday (or at least 5 times a week).  These are two separate things of course.img_2818But I have to remind myself of where I have come from…and this is not the end.  2017-04-13 11.43.37Not happy with where I am at…but so happy from I was.  Will update later next week on my appointment and the path I will be headed.


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National Red Wine Day

I have discovered Malbec.  I haven’t been drinking it that long, but love the deep, fruity flavor. And Cabernet Sauvignon is nice as well…

I am really enjoying this label Altos Del Plata.  Have had their Malbec and it is amazing. 

Have a glass…cheers!