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Everything Bagel Chicken Dip

I have been loving the everything bagel pretzels as a snack even though I shouldn’t be eating them.So I love petite, sweet peppers, and I have decided to use those instead as my chips.

I blended the following with a fork:

3/4 a brick of cream cheese, 1 can of chicken (drained), 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire, and 4 tablespoons of everything bagel seasoning mix.

This is creamy and savory…with the sweetness of the peppers…I am so excited to have this for lunch.


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When Carmen and I were visiting family in Maryland just over the Potomac from DC, we went to the store and I found these…

We got two. The smell alone brought back so many memories from visiting Germany in my youth.  I can get the ones in the freezer in Florida…but these were made fresh.  Carmen and I shared these two over a couple of days.  So yummy.

Is there something you see in the store while on vacation that does this to you?


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Christmas Goodies

We wanted to make some goodies for friends for Christmas this year. 


Almond Bark  – Milk Chocolate
Dry roasted peanuts
Pretzel rods

Begin by melting your almond bark in your crock pot.  This is the best way that I have found to melt chocolate.  You don’t have to constantly stir it, and it keeps it hot without over cooking.

Wal-Mart or your local grocery store candy section.
I use my small crock pot.
Add 1 jar of peanuts, and stir.
Drop by large spoonfuls onto wax paper.  Let cool.
Pretzels are dunked into the chocolate, then lay on wax paper, add sprinkles, let cool.