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Guest Posts

In the next week or so, David (hubby), will be guest posting on his perspective on my weight loss journey and our new life. Obviously the changes we make affect the people around us, so I thought it might be good to hear from someone affected by my changes.

Hopefully, we will all be able to learn something about others touched by the weight loss journey.


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Travel and Weather

Oh my…in the travel to Houston from Florida…we went from 70/80 degrees temperatures to a 20 degree decrease in about 5 minutes.  We could “see” the front come through.  Remarkable.

On Friday in the drive home, it didn’t get above 40 until past Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The water ways, in the “coastal plains” were covered in a fog or mist.  The rivers and lakes that we passed were all like this picture.

This was taken at a rest stop outside of Lake Charles.  Foggy, cloudy, rainy and cold are the adjectives to describe our drive.

I really like this shot.  It was at the same rest stop, and this was across the lake. It was a really good drive.  Rainy, and cold but we had heated seats!  We are from Florida, and we did NOT take jackets or regular shoes (I wore my flip-flops!!).  These were a real blessing.  The conversations that David and I had were wonderful, and I will treasure that time alone with him.


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SEC Football

Life seems back to normal around here.  Fall is in the air.  Not really, but it seems that way since football has begun.  My family is divided in teams.  I am an Arkansas Razorback girl.  David is a graduate from LSU, hence he is a fan of the tigers.  Carmen was a little razorback, then LSU (all because we saw a game), and Stephen is a razorback but really doesn’t like football .Talk is cheap when it comes to football,  but in the SEC we talk big.  Whether you bleed in purple and gold, red and white, orange and blue…enjoy the game. Spend time with family and friends.

And Go Hogs!

This was taken in November of 2007.  We, as a divided family, 
attended the Boot Game (Arkansas and LSU).

 A very tiny Stephen proudly wearing piggie…with his Mom.
David and Carmen wearing LSU – hrumpf.
 David NOT happy with the ending score.
ARK 50 to LSU 48 in 7 overtimes!  Long day but a lot of fun!
Hope you are enjoying your football time.
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Happy Anniversary!


No words can describe what this man means to me and our family.  David is strong, kind, caring, a true geek, sometimes cranky, handyman, outrageously funny, intelligent, witty, likable, and HE loves me.  He is incredible with his step-children (although, he has never called them that), and a friend to them.  There are moments that they just curl up beside him on the couch, and he just hugs them.  Precious.  He is someone they can go to for help, for advice, and at times, he makes me jealous of the relationship he has with them. 

Both of us are strong people.  I can be difficult, OCD and demanding.  He loves me, and tells me to calm down.  I listen.  I am amazed that it has only been 4 years today that we have been together.  It seems like he has been here forever, and other times not near long enough.

Happy Anniversary my love.  I thank God daily for bringing you into our lives.

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Mother’s Day

This past Mother’s Day was wonderful for me.  I have been blessed with two good children.  


 My little one…Stephen…loves the sand.

 My first born…Carmen…loves the sun
 My beloved…David…puts up with all of it…just for me.
 The kids took a stab at kayaking.
 I think they enjoyed it.

They listen to me, and let me do what I please on this special day.  
Let’s go to the beach.  
Beautiful beach.  
A beach without oil. 
I loved my day.
Enjoy your day!
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My wedding anniversary is today, August 20. It has been 3 wonderful years being married to my life partner. David was a friend that went away, and then came back just at God’s beautiful timing in my life.

We have had our moments of bliss. And, moments of severe pain. We are struggling with finances, as most newly marrieds do. But we are on the road to recovery. We don’t argue. I think that the most we have disagreed is 3 times. I am sure that I have frustrated him more than he says I do, and vice versa. But all in all, it is a good marriage.

Having two children in the mix, I thought it would be more difficult of a transition, but it hasn’t been. David and the kids getting along better than I could have ever imagined. David is normally the first one home, and the kids spill out their day to him, then by the time I am home they are done spilling.

Gifted we are. Blessed. God blessed us with David. He is an encourager, diplomat and the majority of the time a friend.

I thank God today for His gift of this marriage. I am blessed.

I wish you a beautiful day.