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Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

I was wanting something a bit different…and remembered seeing this post on Facebook a while ago.  I didn’t get this from Facebook, however, I found a version on Skinny Taste.  I like this version the most, and decided to give it a try. A couple of differences: Ground turkey instead of ground beef, and currants… Continue reading Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

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Pan Fried Potatoes

We grilled the Cornish Hens the other day, and for a side, I had thought of making foil pocket potatoes.  Well, after a very long day, we ended up just making pan fried potatoes (and will do the foil packets another day). 5 pounds Yukon gold potatoes, peeled, and chopped 1 onion – halved and… Continue reading Pan Fried Potatoes

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Cornish Hens

Summer memories.  I have said before that growing up we would BBQ on the weekends.  I am trying some of the recipes now on my family.  Strange how I haven’t really cooked any of these in years.  Too many things going on, I suppose. You can find Cornish Hens in the freezer section at your… Continue reading Cornish Hens

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Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice

Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice The other day, I cooked the Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice using Katie Lee’s recipe at the Food Network. So, I was craving it again, but I had shrimp, and sugar snap peas.  It turned out just as yummy as the chicken, but I think I like this one better. The preparation… Continue reading Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice

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Meatball Noodle Bake

I was lazy on Monday, and realized that I needed to fix something for dinner.  So I searched in the pantry and found some elbow macaroni pasta, marina sauce, and some Italian meatballs in the freezer. So I cooked the noodles, and thought of a making a ziti bake but with elbow macaroni.  I just… Continue reading Meatball Noodle Bake

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Potato Nibble 

When my Mom used to make her German Potato Salad, she would make a peel or two have a little more potato on it than she would really like to have.  It was a nibble for me.   So I had to do the same when I made the potato salad the other day.  Of… Continue reading Potato Nibble 

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German Potato Salad

This is the way my Mom would make potato salad. I swear there are as many different variations of potato salads as there are people. So… Potatoes – Mom loved Yukon Gold potatoes for her potato salad.  So…that it is what I used. Clean them with cold water, scrubbing the dirt off.  Place in a… Continue reading German Potato Salad

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Rosemary Chicken Thighs

A stick of unsalted butter, a tablespoon of garlic (minced), and 1/4 cup of fresh rosemary sauteed until lightly cooked.  5 boneless, skinless, chicken thighs. Place chicken in a casserole dish with liberal amounts of salt and pepper.  Spoon butter, garlic and rosemary mixture over, and place in a hot 425 degree oven for approximately… Continue reading Rosemary Chicken Thighs

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One of the things I have missed with my surgery is pizza, well and bread in general. I found these Flatout Pizza Flatbread at Publix the other day. I thought it would be a good idea for dinner for all of us to make our “own” pizza.  I had mushrooms, purple onion, pizza sauce, pineapple,… Continue reading Pizza

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Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice

 So I have been wanting to make this for a while.  After my doctor’s appointment today, I came home and made it.  Well, my version of it. This is Katie Lee’s recipe on Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice 1 medium head cauliflower, stem removed 3 teaspoons canola oil 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 3 cloves… Continue reading Chicken Cauliflower Fried Rice