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Travel and Weather

Oh my…in the travel to Houston from Florida…we went from 70/80 degrees temperatures to a 20 degree decrease in about 5 minutes.  We could “see” the front come through.  Remarkable.

On Friday in the drive home, it didn’t get above 40 until past Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The water ways, in the “coastal plains” were covered in a fog or mist.  The rivers and lakes that we passed were all like this picture.

This was taken at a rest stop outside of Lake Charles.  Foggy, cloudy, rainy and cold are the adjectives to describe our drive.

I really like this shot.  It was at the same rest stop, and this was across the lake. It was a really good drive.  Rainy, and cold but we had heated seats!  We are from Florida, and we did NOT take jackets or regular shoes (I wore my flip-flops!!).  These were a real blessing.  The conversations that David and I had were wonderful, and I will treasure that time alone with him.



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