anniversary · family · husband

Happy Anniversary!


No words can describe what this man means to me and our family.  David is strong, kind, caring, a true geek, sometimes cranky, handyman, outrageously funny, intelligent, witty, likable, and HE loves me.  He is incredible with his step-children (although, he has never called them that), and a friend to them.  There are moments that they just curl up beside him on the couch, and he just hugs them.  Precious.  He is someone they can go to for help, for advice, and at times, he makes me jealous of the relationship he has with them. 

Both of us are strong people.  I can be difficult, OCD and demanding.  He loves me, and tells me to calm down.  I listen.  I am amazed that it has only been 4 years today that we have been together.  It seems like he has been here forever, and other times not near long enough.

Happy Anniversary my love.  I thank God daily for bringing you into our lives.


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