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Carmen’s Thoughts – Decisions

Life was so much easier when people made my decisions for me. Except nowadays when people try to tell me what to do, I get upset and don’t want to do what they tell me to do. Is this adulthood?

I have always been a people-pleaser. When I was a kid, I was a teacher’s pet every year, so my grades were amazing (and I rarely stayed in trouble, which was a huge plus). But even then, I spent more time trying to get everyone around me to like me, instead of figuring out who I was. Being told that you’re not good enough for someone is terrible, and assuming it because of how they treat you is almost worse.

Now that I’m an adult (kind of), I still try to get people to like me (because I’m awesome and everyone should like me), but I also try not to get fixated on if someone approves of me or not. It’s upsetting and disappointing, but I’m getting too old to waste my time being around people that I don’t actually want to be around me, or vice versa. Same thing with social activities. I’m going out a lot less than I was because I started to see my grades decline and my scale incline, when I’ve wanted it to be the other way around.

I’ve NEVER been the decisive kind of person (Mom will agree to that), but it is something I’m working on. I need to take charge of my life, and part of that is saying “no” to things that I really don’t want to do. It’s not easy, but decisions rarely are. Dad would tell me, “A bad decision is better than not making a decision at all”. I’d rather make a good decision, but taking action in general is better than watching your life go by and going with the flow because you’re too afraid to decide for yourself.

Take action. Unless it is harmful to you or others.

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Finding Joy

I have never been busier, much to my dismay–ha.   I love that I have an opportunity to work with preschoolers and children.  Loving on them is easy.  Time management is harder.  I have to be organized with daily activities, and events.  Big events seem to come easier than the day to day tasks.  I seem to lose the little things lately. Too many interruptions to maintain concentration and completion of the tasks.

Time.  Hurdles.  Joy.  
It seems that finding joy brings many hurdles.  I am trying to discern the hurdles, and joy always surprises me.  
Find some joy today.
Jerry Ann
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Beginnings Continued…

I say in the title continued, mainly because I am tired of all of the endings.

I was on vacation last week (my staycation), and accomplished a lot , but not near what I wanted to.  But it is back to the daily grind with a little change.

My biggest accomplishment, I believe, are my children.  Carmen left today for Camp War Eagle (Freshman orientation), at Auburn. It is the beginning of her being away from home. It is the beginning of just Stephen and I as far as school is concerned.

But a wonderful new beginning for her.  She is truly excited, and for me it is bittersweet.  I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished.  Sad because she starts a new chapter in her life, full of adventure and without us.  Truly the beginnings of adulthood.

Carmen at 2 (daycare picture), and one of my favorite photographs of her.  Carmen’s smile is contagious. And, isn’t just like parents to remember them young and sweet.  One of my favorite commercials is a little 3 or 4 year old getting ready to back out of her driveway, and her Dad sees her like that.  But in reality, she is a grown woman. And the Dad just watches her go.

I believe her smile still is contagious.  She is going to have a great time at Auburn.  I also believe that we have raised her with a sweet spirit of fellowship and love.  I pray that God places in her path godly friends that are strong in their convictions.

He has blessed us with such a precious gift.  I love the woman she has become, and look forward to hearing of her beginnings.

Have a wonderful week.

Jerry Ann

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Cute Stuff

I am on vacation this week, and it has been somewhat okay.  We have an older vehicle that needed belt repair for a long while, and this week the battery decided it was time to stop working as well.  Repaired to the tune of $420 later.  But I am not going to let that ruin my time off…too much to do…and do it joyfully.

This is what some call a staycation…staying at home while I have vacation from work (bonus – I am not sick). I have goals, and a list of priorities to accomplish this week.  Weekends never seem to be long enough for my organizing, and the week just piles stuff back up. So it is a never ending circle it seems.

Anyway…one of the goals this week was to empty out my pantry.  I knew it was bad, but really had no idea how bad it truly was.  Jar of Alfredo sauce: expiration Feb 2006!  Yep, that plus a lot more.  2 large black garbage bags full, and some time later = organized.  For the moment anyway.  I had the kids help, and hopefully that will play into keeping it for longer than 3 days.

 NOTHING on top of the refrigerator!!! I love that.

A two drawer system (that I found in the garage), and some other tubs (that I can’t find the lids) organized the chips and pasta.  All of my baking ingredients are on one shelf (sugars, cocoa, marshmallows).  It may not look like much, but, oh what a beautiful sight it is for us.

I also added a cutie to my scrap closet.

This was a bonus Decor Elements from Stampin’ Up from a couple of months ago.  I LOVE their design and ease of application.  If you need anything from Stampin’ Up – Julie is great – and you can find her here:

But isn’t it the cutest!  Most people won’t see it, but I do from where I sit in the office.  I need to get some small chalk and a chalk ledge so that I can get some great use out of it. 

Well, back to it…still have more to get done…and it is already Thursday!  Have a great day.

Jerry Ann

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My Baby Girl’s Senior Year

I wanted to do something special with Carmen for her High School Graduating year.  She didn’t care for the traditional school class rings, nor did I, only wearing mine for my Senior year in High School.  I considered it a waste of money, and not something to carry with you forever.  She did agree with me, but wanted to have something to symbolize her high school years.

I love Tiffany & Co. (what girl doesn’t?)!  We looked online (their site is really wonderful), and had chosen this one but in pink sapphire instead.

We traveled to Atlanta this past weekend, just Carmen and I, for a whirlwind trip.  I thought that it would be special for her to have time with me (and selfishly – me too), and for her to “shop” at Tiffany. 

We went into Tiffany & Co, and went to the counter where her “ring” should be. Tried on several, and then discovered that they didn’t have the pink sapphire in stock.  They could order it for us, and ship it, but that isn’t why we traveled all the way to Atlanta.  (Yes, I know that it isn’t that far of a drive, but driving longer than 2 hours for me is difficult and terribly tiring.)  Carmen really did want to be wearing her ring that very day.  It was disappointing, until I pointed out that her high school color was green, and they had that in stock.

The box and the bag.
I truly think that Carmen would have been just as happy with just these two items.

Opening (excuse the quality of the photo – in a restaurant)!

Love her expression.

Do something special, and out of the ordinary for your children.  It doesn’t have to be all the time, just once in a while. (oh, and it was actually cheaper than the traditional class ring.) It really speaks volumes for communication, and love.
Jerry Ann
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100th Post

I have written 100 posts.  I did this?  No, not I? Really?

And who is reading such garble?  You!  Seriously people. Hahahaha.  I am amazed that anyone is reading this blog.  I love it, I really do. 

I also love the commitment I am making to cook more for my family.  I have convinced myself that Carmen and Stephen will have all of my recipes in my blog, since none of them are written down (but there are here).  So, this is for my children. For my family.  Yes, that is why I do this.

Thank you for reading.  I hope that I can keep you entertained as you keep up with my ADD.  =)

Enjoy your day! 

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SEC Football

Life seems back to normal around here.  Fall is in the air.  Not really, but it seems that way since football has begun.  My family is divided in teams.  I am an Arkansas Razorback girl.  David is a graduate from LSU, hence he is a fan of the tigers.  Carmen was a little razorback, then LSU (all because we saw a game), and Stephen is a razorback but really doesn’t like football .Talk is cheap when it comes to football,  but in the SEC we talk big.  Whether you bleed in purple and gold, red and white, orange and blue…enjoy the game. Spend time with family and friends.

And Go Hogs!

This was taken in November of 2007.  We, as a divided family, 
attended the Boot Game (Arkansas and LSU).

 A very tiny Stephen proudly wearing piggie…with his Mom.
David and Carmen wearing LSU – hrumpf.
 David NOT happy with the ending score.
ARK 50 to LSU 48 in 7 overtimes!  Long day but a lot of fun!
Hope you are enjoying your football time.
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Mother’s Day

This past Mother’s Day was wonderful for me.  I have been blessed with two good children.  


 My little one…Stephen…loves the sand.

 My first born…Carmen…loves the sun
 My beloved…David…puts up with all of it…just for me.
 The kids took a stab at kayaking.
 I think they enjoyed it.

They listen to me, and let me do what I please on this special day.  
Let’s go to the beach.  
Beautiful beach.  
A beach without oil. 
I loved my day.
Enjoy your day!
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Auburn War Eagle Day

Over our spring break, we decided to take Carmen to War Eagle Day at Auburn.  Classes were in session, and it is a good first look at Auburn University.  She has lots of choices.  Carmen is a good student, and will be able to choose where she wants to go.  Now if only she knew what she wanted to do.

Auburn is a smaller college, with on average 25,000 students. Everyone there was extremely friendly, and outgoing. Carmen was nervous, as were all of us. 

We stayed at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center.  Our view was at the library.  This is a perfect picture…wonder, curious, scared. 

Carmen has a lot to do before she graduates next year.  But, this is the beginning of a new chapter.  One that all of us are a little nervous about. 

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Carmen’s and Stephen’s Spring Ball

Carmen participated in The Cotillion this year again.  It is a formal dinner dance held at the Emerald Coast Conference Center on Friday evening. They enjoy a dinner, and an orchestra for dancing.  They practice dances such as swing, salsa, tango, and waltz throughout the year, and then have the opportunity to show off their learned skills.  Carmen’s ball is formal, long gowns, white gloves (we forgot them this time), and men in tuxes.

It is really a wonderful time for dress-up as well.
This was the first time that Carmen wore her hair straight and down.  I found it quite 
becoming.  She looks much older than a new 17 year old.
Ara and Carmen, one of the beau’s at the dance.
Stephen also had his Spring Ball this month at the Conference Center.  He participates in the National Junior Cotillion.  They have their events monthly with practices at each, and then have the grand ball.  Their event was formal as well, but not required to have a tux.  The ladies are required to wear hand gloves.
He is growing into such a gentlemen.  Stephen has always been caring, and sensitive.  
He likes to dance, and has figured out that girls like boys that dance.  He is all about that.  
I am amazed at their growth not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.  They have gracious personalities.  Although they still get along, they seem to irritate each other more these days.  I don’t know about you, but I believe that when children dress up, they seem like they behave better.  Crazy concept, I know, but I really believe it.  =)  I love them so.