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Guest Posts

In the next week or so, David (hubby), will be guest posting on his perspective on my weight loss journey and our new life. Obviously the changes we make affect the people around us, so I thought it might be good to hear from someone affected by my changes. Hopefully, we will all be able… Continue reading Guest Posts

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Greek Cous Cous

I needed a simple side to take over to the in laws for a birthday dinner. I got some dried couscous, and some Greek feta salad. I had the idea to mix the two. It worked!! I placed the Greek Feta Salad in a large mixing bowl.  Cooked the Cous Cous per the instructions.  Added… Continue reading Greek Cous Cous

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My heart is heavy.

My heart is heavy is a comment made by a coworker on Wednesday after a particularly difficult afternoon. Prayer.  Pray without ceasing. A story was repeated to me yesterday, and I would like to share a snippet. Satan is speaking with an observer about his tools.  He has many tools that he uses to cause… Continue reading My heart is heavy.