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Do you have this? My David is this for me. He continually supports me and encourages me.

I am completely grateful for him. God chose him for me, and I thank God for him every day.


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Hold Hands

Carmen and I went to one of her friends weddings this past weekend.  It was a really sweet wedding, and had lots of country charm in the decorations.  One of the things they had guests do was to write down marriage advice on these pre-printed cards.

Mine was very simple.  Hold hands while speaking of anything difficult.  It is hard to be angry or defensive with someone if you are holding hands.  It means you are in this together.  Whether it be finances or the storm that just cause three things to crash, it means you are in this together.  Together.

Touching means that you care for one another.  That nothing in this world can come between you.  That is huge!  David and I are both on the second time around in this marriage.  We wanted to be able to conquer whatever came our way.  Holding hands when talking about difficult things makes things seems reasonable.  Obtainable.  Doable.  Together.

Always together.  We can conquer anything together.  Sometimes it is the hardest thing imaginable.  I don’t want to confess that I haven’t been the best steward about spending.  He doesn’t want to say what is bothering him about money or the house, or whatever.  But we realize that holding each others hand makes us in it together.  Marriage isn’t always the best day…it is getting through the worst day together.



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Part of being married is sharing, right?  I don’t mind sharing most things but when it comes to sharing a college, I normally don’t. 

Today LSU Baseball is playing in the super regional in Omaha.  The Razorbacks didn’t make it to the super regional, and being married to a LSU guy, I am supporting them.  Well, and Carmen is going there as well.  So being supportive of LSU isn’t that difficult really. So long as they aren’t playing my Razorbacks! Ha. 

Happy Saturday, and Gueax Tigers!