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Sunday Thought

“We can’t grow in knowledge and grace and never change our minds.  When an identity is built solely on a fixed systematic theology, we’re terrified to change our minds.  Let’s grow in knowledge.” – Beth Moore “Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” – 2 Peter 3:18 (NET) Grow…it… Continue reading Sunday Thought

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I am one cheap date. Really.  I like most drinks/cocktails now.  I haven’t always been able to drink.  I think part of my surgery took the part of my stomach that couldn’t handle alcohol.  I know it sounds crazy, but my friends can attest that I would not be able to drink a full glass… Continue reading Wine

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In my past life of eating everything, I loved eating sushi.  All kinds of sushi.  Well, except Uni.  Never have liked it. But, I could and would eat two or three rolls or consume chirshi don (10 different pieces of sashimi on rice) with miso soup and maybe even a seaweed salad.  Way too much… Continue reading Sushi

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Definition of CHANGE (Merriam-Webster) changed;  changing transitive verb a :  to make different in some particular :  alter never bothered to change the will b :  to make radically different :  transform can’t change human nature c :  to give a different position, course, or direction to changed his residence from Ohio to California a :  to… Continue reading Change

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Body Adjustments & Lupus

I have been experiencing more Lupus symptoms since my surgery last year.  A big part of my bodies adjustment has been my hair.  I had thicker but still thin hair when I was younger (permed, and colored it -it was the eighties). Then, when I was diagnosed with Lupus it really got thin.  I change… Continue reading Body Adjustments & Lupus