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Because yesterday was a lot. Too much. Doubt. Questions.

Today. Today–I am enough, unbelievably enough.

Believe. I need to believe this today.

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Yesterday afternoon I became deflated.  I am 95 percent of the time a happy, encouraging person.  I try to be that way with others, looking to the glass half full, to be positive.  God has a plan, and I work that plan.  I might not always agree with that plan, but I hang in there whatever the case might be.

And, I believe that He does have a plan.  I just feel flat.  That everything that I have worked for means nothing without a degree (work).  Of course, where I work is a state college, and that degree matters, and I so know that!  Don’t get me wrong.  It takes courage to say this –I am sad.

I have a technical degree from (an accredited school) thirty years ago that won’t transfer.  Again, that is okay.  My past brought me here, and I am thankful of my path for it has made me who I am.  But I am feeling worthless today.

I will be fine.  I will get through this.  There are much worse things out there, and we are fine!! I am not stating any of this for pity, or attention.  I am stating this for reality.  Because not everyday is bright and shiny.   I treasure every moment, and love my struggles (even algebra).  Oh, and I am still taking classes.  I will get that degree – it may take me a while – but I will get it.

So, no pity. Just needed to vent.  And this too shall pass.

shall pass


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Venting, yes I need to vent.

Last night I went to bed propped up on pillows with vapor rub on my chest to ward of the beginnings of a cold.  I slept well.  I hoping to sleep in (for me that is around 10:00a.m.), but no.  Not for me, and most certainly not today.

At 6:02 a.m. this morning a chirping beep begins.  Yes, the smoke detectors are beginning their song and dance.  After thinking I could sleep through it, (not) I got up to figure out which one of (I have no clue how many of) them are chirping.

It is now 6:30 a.m. and I have found the one (so I thought) that was going bad.  I found a new 9 volt battery, and somewhere found a step stool to climb up on.  I replaced the battery, only to discover another chirp.

And, so it goes, until I have used all of the new batteries (which I have 9 new ones), for 10 smoke detectors.  Yes, one battery short.  I thought for a bit and decided that one could not get a new one, but no, it keeps chirping.

Note:  hubby is still in Afghanistan.

I do not wake up pretty. Hair goes in, at least, six different directions.  My nose (vapor rub didn’t work) is stuffy and runny.  Ugh.  After I shower, and get ready for the really early day (especially for me) it begins to rain.  Yes, rain.  (insert laughter)

Okay Lord, I hear you.  Umbrella in hand, off to Wal-Mart. Of course, I don’t just purchase 9 volt batteries (enough for the end of times), but milk, creamer, bread, (they had a sale on beef jerky), etc.  So, $170 later…

I arrive home to be greeted by our rat terrier (Dexter) who is not happy that I left him alone with these annoying birds.  After I bring the twelve bags of groceries, and put away the cold stuff, I venture off to locate the smoke detector that was missing a battery.  I insert said battery into the detector, and press the reset button…and another one goes off…chirping.

After much thought (once again – NOT), I replace all of the units with new batteries.

No more chirping.  Thank you God. Dexter is now napping, and I am thinking I will join him.

Happy Labor Day!!!
Blessings -always.
Jerry Ann