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So true.

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Yesterday was like any other day for me. I live in the Panhandle of Florida. It isn’t that cold here, but yesterday was cold for me. I did way too much on Saturday, rested on Sunday, so I should be okay, right?

Well, I get to work and my right index finger is numb. Oddly numb. It hurt, with tiny needles-painful.

The top two knuckles of my index finger are purple on the under side of my hand. The top of my hand…again index finger is white. My middle finger, the top knuckle, was affected as well.  It hurt to touch. It hurt to type. I have had discoloration before, and cold fingers with my Raynaud’s but this was different.

It took about a hour, but it finally came back, with a very, warm sensation.  Truly odd.

Trying to stay warm.



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I believe that I have always been an open book.  Probably tell more than I should, but  accepting that this is where I am today and holding myself accountable.  So…I have gained 7 pounds and back to 192.4 lbs. UGH! 

I know what I have done to get here. I am not going back to where I was…stopping it now before it gets out of hand. 

Falling, but getting back up again.  Right?!


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Letting Go

Asking for God to give me the grace to let go of former things so that I can embrace what He has for me in the future. 

Ecclesiastes 3:6


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I bought this at TJ MAXX.  I have been doubting myself lately, and how much I am doing.  This reminds me that I am enough. I am doing enough.  It will be hanging in the office soon. 


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Ugh – Frustrated

NaBloPoMo 2012 – Day 26

I have been trying most of today to upload and post pictures. I choose my files and they look great. I upload them, and Blogger turns them. So when I try to post them they are turned sideways.  FRUSTRATED!

Carmen’s expression is how I feel right now.

So tomorrow is another day.
So sorry.
Jerry Ann