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Today is Lupus Awareness Day. Wear purple to show your support. For more information go to Lupus.org.

Thank you.

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Well, I haven’t been feeling well at all, and was trying to keep it at bay.  It turns out I have bronchitis, sinus infection and borderline pneumonia. Joy.  Having nothing of an immune system doesn’t help.  And now, after a steroid shot (which I like a lot more than the pills – no bitter after taste, or graduating down the script), and a z-pack on the road to recovery.

I have done everything I was supposed to do.  Claritin D for the post-nasal drip. Vapor rub and breathe-right strips so I can sleep at a 90 degree angle. Rest…well, that one, not so much.  Drinking lots of water. And it gets me and hard.

So no IV therapy on Friday.  I am feeling sluggish this week anyway, I think, from doing the garage on Saturday, and was really looking forward to my medication.  It helps so very much in my day to day activity. My stamina, but not my immune system.


Well, rest it is…and soup.  Yes, soup.

Hope all of you are staying healthy.

Jerry Ann

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NaBloPoMo 2012 —Day 2

So this morning I had an appointment with my doctor to see how my iv therapies are going.  It was a really good appointment.  My blood work for September and October were the best she has ever seen, and hopefully only 5-6 more therapies left.  Hopefully, my system will be put into remission with this medicine.  It is working for me, and really that is all that matters to us.

I am less stressed with not working, and the biggest thing I am missing is people interaction.  Although most of the time was positive, there are times especially with church members that there was conflict or some one just didn’t like what you were doing – right or wrong.

Now I notice when I don’t do the housework.  Ha.  Really? No, not really, but I do like my house to be clean and tidy.  But it is nice not to have to worry about work, or when I am going to be able to get something done.  Now the only thing stopping me is me.  I am still trying to figure out what to do with the clutter that continues to grow in corners of my bedroom and office/craft room.  But that is another day.

Hope you are having a beautiful Friday.  I pray (prayed) for all affected by the Superstorm Sandy this past week.  Living on the Gulf Coast we have grown accustomed to possible devastation and recovery with every storm that comes our way.  As bad as today or even yesterday looks, tomorrow is a day for rejuvenation and rebuilding.  I haven’t lost everything in a storm, praising God here, but I know some that have.  It strips you to the bone.  I see it as a new day to start all over with everything.  From new stores, to your home, to furniture, to school, and most importantly takes you back where your heart should be, thanking God for your blessings.  Storms like Sandy always make me thankful that the sun is shinning, I have a home, and blessed by my wonderful family.

Have you thanked God for something – anything – today?

Jerry Ann