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Carmen was home last weekend, and claims my craft room/office as her bedroom for when she is here.  We got her a really nice air mattress, and it accommodates her fine especially since her main living space is at school.

I limit my time in my office due to her “space” usage, and just to be respectful for her to have a retreat at home.  Part of my routine on the weekends is to go upstairs, scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and the news.  Have some time for Bible study, and meditation.  Review our money, pay bills, and blog.

Here it is Saturday, and I got to my craft room to start my Facebook scrolling.  I had to move some papers around (I try to keep things organized), and I found this under my computer mouse.I often send her encouraging notes so she has some mail away from home.  But for her to do this…for me…blew me away this morning.

I love her dearly, and so very grateful for her encouragement in whatever I am doing.


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Goals and Yoga

So in the changes I have been making – yoga.  I do about 5 minutes of basic stretching first thing in the morning.  I have been wanting to do more, and have found some streaming beginning yoga on Amazon Prime.  I have plenty of room in my craft room.

But there my mat sits.  One day I will do this.




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I have lots of small items from my Mom that when I see them brings instant happy memories.  These plaques are one of those memories, now happily hanging in my craft room by the door.


So that you can read them:

The translations are not great as I used Google Translator, and, well just in general.  I have looked them up several times, and finally was smart enough to write the translations on the back to remember them.

#1:  If the man follows his wife, the sky remains clear and blue!

#2:  The sun is shinning on your house.  However, it looks like rain, so the umbrella instantly spanned and was happy in every weather.

#3:  The early bird catches the worm; those who sleep longer remain healthy.

Again, the translations are wonky, and my Mom would translate them a little differently basically editing them when she spoke.

Hanging by the door reminds me of my Mom, and her German quirks.  Love them all.


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Wooden Spools & Buttons

My Mom grew up in Germany, and for her trade she became a seamstress.   Her sewing basket has been in my closet for years, and I have gone to it for a variety of items, but really hadn’t paid it attention.  She has a ton of items in it, but that is for another day.So when I was going through my basket to sort, and organize (mainly buttons, and safety pins), I discovered these (cream and purple) wooden spools.  They still have the original stickers on the top of them.


I also combined all of the buttons from a basket in the closet, to the ones in both my sewing basket and my Mom’s.  I wanted to put them in a see through container but something cute.  I found this jelly jar in my kitchen cabinet, and I love the way it looks both on the cabinet with the wooden spools.

I love finding pieces of memories of my family that I can incorporate into my space. I love seeing these items and thinking of sweet times with my mom.  It’s the little things.





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Craft Room – Part 6

Getting there.

We brought in a shelving unit from the garage (cleaned up), and placed it behind the door.  I have just placed my stamp sets, ribbon, markers, reference books, files full of stickers sets, and scrapbook sized paper on the shelves.  I am so thankful that the bookcase fits beautifully, and at no additional cost, really budget friendly and  re-purposed.

The closet fabric board has been updated with my latest 5k registration, and the four leaf clover I found.  The three small plaques are from my Mom from Germany.  

Inside, we added another file cabinet (from the attic), and have organized the placement of files, phone books (church, and old hometown), and seasonal decor boxes.The cabinet space holds all of the knitting and photo albums that need finishing. 

My computer area is nicely finished I think (for now anyway).  The painting on the left was done with former co-workers at a painting party.  Not great, but I have never called myself an artist with paintings especially.  The magnetic sign says “If it’s not in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen.” that Beth gave me years ago.  Precious friends in Arkansas (Christmas trip) on a new Razorback frame.  And then Tink (used to hang in the master bedroom).  I love how this area seems to stay organized.The craft table side of the room is still a work in progress.  I haven’t decided yet what to do above the table, or have worked on the bins yet.  Once I find my stool for the desk, and have some more free time (ha!) this should get organized.  The plastic tub under the desk is stuff I need to either Ebay, or donate.  Have to sort it as well, but that is another day.

Again, progress.  Little by little, bit by bit it is coming together.  I love spending time here on the weekends especially first thing in the morning.   Quiet.  Mine.


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Crafting Stool

I am on a search for a crafting stool for my crafting table.  I found these at Target, but not really sure about them.  Do I need a back?  Will I be leaning back while at the table?  Too many choices.

I think I like the gray padded one the best.  But I like the round top one since I can adjust the height.  Although, it looks like both of the wooden ones can be adjusted.

I have to sleep on it. My craft room is still in limbo. I need a shelf to place the majority of the stamping items.  Need to clear one off in the garage, so it may be a while before that task is complete.

How do you like to craft?  Standing or sitting?



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Woo Pig Sooiee!  or WPS! Growing up in Northwest Arkansas you have to love the Razorbacks.  All things Razorbacks.

My love for them is apparent in my craft room from things that I have purchased over the years.  My favorite addition, however, is one that I found again from the garage.

My Dad painted this for his bar, and it hung there for many years.  I had it in the garage, just because I really didn’t have a place for it in the house.

But now I do.  It hangs over the window.  A prime spot I believe.  I will see it upon entering the room, and whenever I look out the window.

Blessings, and WPS!!


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Craft Room – Part 5 – Reality

David has been working on his office area now that I thought I had everything out.  Ha.  I forgot about the closet.  You know, where everything was stored. Yep.

So…what once was a wonderful, calm space is now cluttered.  I need to go through all of this before I even think about finding a spot for it.

So…anxiety again over the chaos.  I want it clean and for it not to be cluttered.  Another short term project, but it will be a major benefit once completed.