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Carmen’s Thoughts – Knitting

I love hobbies that keep me busy. Kayaking, dancing, Nancy Drew (keeps my hands busy so it counts). This past summer, I helped out with a knitting class as part of the Kids on Campus summer youth program at Northwest Florida State College. I finally learned the basics of knitting! I remember watching my family… Continue reading Carmen’s Thoughts – Knitting

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I have lots of small items from my Mom that when I see them brings instant happy memories.  These plaques are one of those memories, now happily hanging in my craft room by the door. So that you can read them: The translations are not great as I used Google Translator, and, well just in… Continue reading Translations

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Wooden Spools & Buttons

My Mom grew up in Germany, and for her trade she became a seamstress.   Her sewing basket has been in my closet for years, and I have gone to it for a variety of items, but really hadn’t paid it attention.  She has a ton of items in it, but that is for another… Continue reading Wooden Spools & Buttons

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Crafting Stool

I am on a search for a crafting stool for my crafting table.  I found these at Target, but not really sure about them.  Do I need a back?  Will I be leaning back while at the table?  Too many choices. I think I like the gray padded one the best.  But I like the… Continue reading Crafting Stool

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Craft Room – Part 5 – Reality

David has been working on his office area now that I thought I had everything out.  Ha.  I forgot about the closet.  You know, where everything was stored. Yep. So…what once was a wonderful, calm space is now cluttered.  I need to go through all of this before I even think about finding a spot… Continue reading Craft Room – Part 5 – Reality

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Craft Room – Part 3

Painting is done.  I am so happy with the shades of grey with the bright white trim. We decided that a door would make a good craft table.  The doors are sold without paint or stain for about $35.00.  We sanded and painted the top and sides.  David drilled holes for the cables (sewing machines).… Continue reading Craft Room – Part 3

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Craft Room – Part 2

Progress, right?  The window wall is the darker of the two shades of grey that we chose.   It seems that we always take pictures later in the day.  I will try to be better about the pictures.  But, I love the contrast of the colors with the bright white of the doors, and trim.… Continue reading Craft Room – Part 2

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Craft Room

We have started the transition of Stephen’s old room to my craft/work room.  The room needed to be cleaned first.  Then paint.  So…before: It was the same color, not the greatest of pictures. Paint.  I wanted two tones of grey.  Or gray. Whatever.  Grey.  It would be a good color for accents of black, white,… Continue reading Craft Room