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I spent time with my besties this past weekend. It has become an annual event as we have been attending Market Days in Tallahassee together now for five years.  That seems crazy to me.

This year there was rain, a ton of rain, but we were able to be inside for the major downpours.

It was still a lot of fun, and although none of us was shopping for anything specific, we all found lots of wonderful things.

We went to Hobby Lobby as well (once the shopping was done at Market Days). That place was nuts!! Apparently it was half price on all Christmas…well…Nuts!  We got supplies to make the Christmas Cork Trees.  I am so excited about these trees!  That will be in another post.

We had a ball together, and was able to make the Christmas Soldiers.  But it is the time spent just being able to chat, and encourage one another that is so special to me.  These girl friends are like family to me.  I so cherish our time together.

Who do you choose to be with?  What would you change about the time spent if you could?



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Carmen’s Thoughts – Knitting

I love hobbies that keep me busy. Kayaking, dancing, Nancy Drew (keeps my hands busy so it counts). This past summer, I helped out with a knitting class as part of the Kids on Campus summer youth program at Northwest Florida State College. I finally learned the basics of knitting!

I remember watching my family friends knit in awe, moving one thread around and making something bigger, like a scarf. After I learned the basics, I made a beanie. Once that was done, my ambitious self went to Michael’s, saw this magical soft grey yarn and the blanket pattern with it, and thought “next project”. It took me at least three times to count the 150 stitches to cast the darn thing, and I had to Google how to count rows because the pattern makes boxes within the blanket of 20 rows (I didn’t count correctly and my box looked like a scarf within a blanket). But now, I bought more yarn, and this blanket intended for a baby will probably be finished when the kid is three, but it’s keeping my hands occupied when I’m bored.

After this project, I might go back to something simple. Probably not. So if anyone wants a blanket, let me know.

If you ever wanted to knit or crochet but were too intimidated, just know – if a seven year old can figure out how to do it, so can you. Just remember to breathe, and don’t panic. Everything can be fixed.

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I have lots of small items from my Mom that when I see them brings instant happy memories.  These plaques are one of those memories, now happily hanging in my craft room by the door.


So that you can read them:

The translations are not great as I used Google Translator, and, well just in general.  I have looked them up several times, and finally was smart enough to write the translations on the back to remember them.

#1:  If the man follows his wife, the sky remains clear and blue!

#2:  The sun is shinning on your house.  However, it looks like rain, so the umbrella instantly spanned and was happy in every weather.

#3:  The early bird catches the worm; those who sleep longer remain healthy.

Again, the translations are wonky, and my Mom would translate them a little differently basically editing them when she spoke.

Hanging by the door reminds me of my Mom, and her German quirks.  Love them all.


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Wooden Spools & Buttons

My Mom grew up in Germany, and for her trade she became a seamstress.   Her sewing basket has been in my closet for years, and I have gone to it for a variety of items, but really hadn’t paid it attention.  She has a ton of items in it, but that is for another day.So when I was going through my basket to sort, and organize (mainly buttons, and safety pins), I discovered these (cream and purple) wooden spools.  They still have the original stickers on the top of them.


I also combined all of the buttons from a basket in the closet, to the ones in both my sewing basket and my Mom’s.  I wanted to put them in a see through container but something cute.  I found this jelly jar in my kitchen cabinet, and I love the way it looks both on the cabinet with the wooden spools.

I love finding pieces of memories of my family that I can incorporate into my space. I love seeing these items and thinking of sweet times with my mom.  It’s the little things.





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Crafting Stool

I am on a search for a crafting stool for my crafting table.  I found these at Target, but not really sure about them.  Do I need a back?  Will I be leaning back while at the table?  Too many choices.

I think I like the gray padded one the best.  But I like the round top one since I can adjust the height.  Although, it looks like both of the wooden ones can be adjusted.

I have to sleep on it. My craft room is still in limbo. I need a shelf to place the majority of the stamping items.  Need to clear one off in the garage, so it may be a while before that task is complete.

How do you like to craft?  Standing or sitting?



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Craft Room – Part 5 – Reality

David has been working on his office area now that I thought I had everything out.  Ha.  I forgot about the closet.  You know, where everything was stored. Yep.

So…what once was a wonderful, calm space is now cluttered.  I need to go through all of this before I even think about finding a spot for it.

So…anxiety again over the chaos.  I want it clean and for it not to be cluttered.  Another short term project, but it will be a major benefit once completed.





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Craft Room – Part 3

Painting is done.  I am so happy with the shades of grey with the bright white trim.2017-02-25-09-18-43

We decided that a door would make a good craft table.  The doors are sold without paint or stain for about $35.00.  We sanded and painted the top and sides.  David drilled holes for the cables (sewing machines).  He mounted the door on brackets (2×2), and then secured it with screws.  The shelves are basic room organizers, and are about 31 inches high.  They serve as legs (for support) as well.




I really like the depth (32 inch door) of the table.  Not sure about how I am going to use the shelves just yet, but I don’t think I will have a problem filling them.



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Craft Room – Part 2

Progress, right?  The window wall is the darker of the two shades of grey that we chose.   It seems that we always take pictures later in the day.  I will try to be better about the pictures.  But, I love the contrast of the colors with the bright white of the doors, and trim. David is doing all of the work due to my schedule with class and work.

More to come, just wanted to show the update so far.