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Craft Room – Part 6

Getting there.

We brought in a shelving unit from the garage (cleaned up), and placed it behind the door.  I have just placed my stamp sets, ribbon, markers, reference books, files full of stickers sets, and scrapbook sized paper on the shelves.  I am so thankful that the bookcase fits beautifully, and at no additional cost, really budget friendly and  re-purposed.

The closet fabric board has been updated with my latest 5k registration, and the four leaf clover I found.  The three small plaques are from my Mom from Germany.  

Inside, we added another file cabinet (from the attic), and have organized the placement of files, phone books (church, and old hometown), and seasonal decor boxes.The cabinet space holds all of the knitting and photo albums that need finishing. 

My computer area is nicely finished I think (for now anyway).  The painting on the left was done with former co-workers at a painting party.  Not great, but I have never called myself an artist with paintings especially.  The magnetic sign says “If it’s not in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen.” that Beth gave me years ago.  Precious friends in Arkansas (Christmas trip) on a new Razorback frame.  And then Tink (used to hang in the master bedroom).  I love how this area seems to stay organized.The craft table side of the room is still a work in progress.  I haven’t decided yet what to do above the table, or have worked on the bins yet.  Once I find my stool for the desk, and have some more free time (ha!) this should get organized.  The plastic tub under the desk is stuff I need to either Ebay, or donate.  Have to sort it as well, but that is another day.

Again, progress.  Little by little, bit by bit it is coming together.  I love spending time here on the weekends especially first thing in the morning.   Quiet.  Mine.



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