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I have lots of small items from my Mom that when I see them brings instant happy memories.  These plaques are one of those memories, now happily hanging in my craft room by the door.


So that you can read them:

The translations are not great as I used Google Translator, and, well just in general.  I have looked them up several times, and finally was smart enough to write the translations on the back to remember them.

#1:  If the man follows his wife, the sky remains clear and blue!

#2:  The sun is shinning on your house.  However, it looks like rain, so the umbrella instantly spanned and was happy in every weather.

#3:  The early bird catches the worm; those who sleep longer remain healthy.

Again, the translations are wonky, and my Mom would translate them a little differently basically editing them when she spoke.

Hanging by the door reminds me of my Mom, and her German quirks.  Love them all.



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