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Wooden Spools & Buttons

My Mom grew up in Germany, and for her trade she became a seamstress.   Her sewing basket has been in my closet for years, and I have gone to it for a variety of items, but really hadn’t paid it attention.  She has a ton of items in it, but that is for another day.So when I was going through my basket to sort, and organize (mainly buttons, and safety pins), I discovered these (cream and purple) wooden spools.  They still have the original stickers on the top of them.


I also combined all of the buttons from a basket in the closet, to the ones in both my sewing basket and my Mom’s.  I wanted to put them in a see through container but something cute.  I found this jelly jar in my kitchen cabinet, and I love the way it looks both on the cabinet with the wooden spools.

I love finding pieces of memories of my family that I can incorporate into my space. I love seeing these items and thinking of sweet times with my mom.  It’s the little things.






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