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Merry Christmas Eve

This picture was from last year. Everyone was home and we were able to celebrate as a family.

Stephen’s work schedule (and now that he has moved out) it is harder to see him. When we spoke about it last night, he wasn’t sure that he would be able to come by to celebrate Christmas until New Year’s Day.

It’s hard for those who work in the holidays to be able to spend time with family and friends. I don’t normally think about those that are working when I shop or eat out until I have someone close to me that is going through it.

Holidays are not always a happy time for most. It is stressful and typically has disappointments from unmet expectations. When the kids were small, they shared the holiday with my ex husband. I really didn’t want to even have a tree up if they weren’t home but I knew that when they did get home they would want it. Being separated from loved ones over a holiday is so very difficult.

All of this to say, hug your loved ones. Enjoy the moments you are able to have with one another, and remember the greatest gift.


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Christmas Soldiers

Girl time this weekend…and we make happy’s to give away for friends and co-workers.

It’s the girl time that make me happy!

What do you do for fun?


Merry Christmas · Random Thoughts

Merry Christmas!

Everyone has both happy and sad memories at Christmas. 
Holidays bring out the best and worst in people, 
stress doesn’t seem to help matters either.
I love having people over…I just need someone to cater it for me…
and have a complete staff to clean, and serve those I love.  
Ya, right.  Dream on eh?
Well, that would be a gift in the future maybe?
I love having the house clean, and cooking for people.
I love Christmas.  

My babies, Stephen and Carmen at Christmas 1998.
2010 picture for my Christmas cards…!  I had to make them stand in 
front of the tree, and had to force the smile!  Ugh.
I love them.  Always will.  I love how they get at Christmas. 
How all of us get during Christmas.
There is nothing wrong with the world.
We get gifts.
“And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.” Luke 1:14
Merry Christmas.
Jerry Ann