Merry Christmas · Random Thoughts

Merry Christmas!

Everyone has both happy and sad memories at Christmas. 
Holidays bring out the best and worst in people, 
stress doesn’t seem to help matters either.
I love having people over…I just need someone to cater it for me…
and have a complete staff to clean, and serve those I love.  
Ya, right.  Dream on eh?
Well, that would be a gift in the future maybe?
I love having the house clean, and cooking for people.
I love Christmas.  

My babies, Stephen and Carmen at Christmas 1998.
2010 picture for my Christmas cards…!  I had to make them stand in 
front of the tree, and had to force the smile!  Ugh.
I love them.  Always will.  I love how they get at Christmas. 
How all of us get during Christmas.
There is nothing wrong with the world.
We get gifts.
“And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth.” Luke 1:14
Merry Christmas.
Jerry Ann

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