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My Baby Girl’s Senior Year

I wanted to do something special with Carmen for her High School Graduating year.  She didn’t care for the traditional school class rings, nor did I, only wearing mine for my Senior year in High School.  I considered it a waste of money, and not something to carry with you forever.  She did agree with me, but wanted to have something to symbolize her high school years.

I love Tiffany & Co. (what girl doesn’t?)!  We looked online (their site is really wonderful), and had chosen this one but in pink sapphire instead.

We traveled to Atlanta this past weekend, just Carmen and I, for a whirlwind trip.  I thought that it would be special for her to have time with me (and selfishly – me too), and for her to “shop” at Tiffany. 

We went into Tiffany & Co, and went to the counter where her “ring” should be. Tried on several, and then discovered that they didn’t have the pink sapphire in stock.  They could order it for us, and ship it, but that isn’t why we traveled all the way to Atlanta.  (Yes, I know that it isn’t that far of a drive, but driving longer than 2 hours for me is difficult and terribly tiring.)  Carmen really did want to be wearing her ring that very day.  It was disappointing, until I pointed out that her high school color was green, and they had that in stock.

The box and the bag.
I truly think that Carmen would have been just as happy with just these two items.

Opening (excuse the quality of the photo – in a restaurant)!

Love her expression.

Do something special, and out of the ordinary for your children.  It doesn’t have to be all the time, just once in a while. (oh, and it was actually cheaper than the traditional class ring.) It really speaks volumes for communication, and love.
Jerry Ann

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