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This is so me! What are you particular about when it comes to laundry? I will say nowadays, I really don’t care how the laundry is folded so long as someone else puts it away.


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When we were visiting family, they had this nice, neat tray to place all of their often used items (oils etc.) by the stove.  I fell in love with the idea, and began a search for something similar.  I didn’t realize that it would take three different stores, and four different trays to find the perfect one.They tray I found is actually a part of a wooden set from Target, but for now the only part I am using is the bottom portion.  I lined the bottom of it with a couple of paper towels, and that is it.  Perfect (for me) to store my vinegars, oils, pepper and salt pig.

There have been many things that I love from other homes that I have visited, but this was something I thought would be simple and inexpensive.  Have you been so taken with something you had to copy it?  I will confess there are more things I covet than I should, but this was simple and helps me stay organized in the kitchen.


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Okay, blogger universe.  I have a question, actually several.

Background:  Both of my parents have passed away, only child.  I have all of their stuff, keepsakes etc.  I also have lots of furniture (rockers, clocks, trunks) that I am not discarding.

I need to start going through photographs, under the bed tubs (4) full of them.  I am not sure what to do with them.  I can scrapbook some of them, but do I toss the rest?  Scan them all? I don’t think some of the general black and white photos that have no one recognizable should be kept?

I want to keep some of things…but deciding on what keepsakes to keep.

I need to start…so one day I will be finished. ugh.

So, how do you deal with keepsakes (of parents), and just in general how do you sort your stuff?

Jerry Ann

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Cute Stuff

I am on vacation this week, and it has been somewhat okay.  We have an older vehicle that needed belt repair for a long while, and this week the battery decided it was time to stop working as well.  Repaired to the tune of $420 later.  But I am not going to let that ruin my time off…too much to do…and do it joyfully.

This is what some call a staycation…staying at home while I have vacation from work (bonus – I am not sick). I have goals, and a list of priorities to accomplish this week.  Weekends never seem to be long enough for my organizing, and the week just piles stuff back up. So it is a never ending circle it seems.

Anyway…one of the goals this week was to empty out my pantry.  I knew it was bad, but really had no idea how bad it truly was.  Jar of Alfredo sauce: expiration Feb 2006!  Yep, that plus a lot more.  2 large black garbage bags full, and some time later = organized.  For the moment anyway.  I had the kids help, and hopefully that will play into keeping it for longer than 3 days.

 NOTHING on top of the refrigerator!!! I love that.

A two drawer system (that I found in the garage), and some other tubs (that I can’t find the lids) organized the chips and pasta.  All of my baking ingredients are on one shelf (sugars, cocoa, marshmallows).  It may not look like much, but, oh what a beautiful sight it is for us.

I also added a cutie to my scrap closet.

This was a bonus Decor Elements from Stampin’ Up from a couple of months ago.  I LOVE their design and ease of application.  If you need anything from Stampin’ Up – Julie is great – and you can find her here:


But isn’t it the cutest!  Most people won’t see it, but I do from where I sit in the office.  I need to get some small chalk and a chalk ledge so that I can get some great use out of it. 

Well, back to it…still have more to get done…and it is already Thursday!  Have a great day.

Jerry Ann

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Office Area

One part of my New Year’s goals was to reorganize my space in our office.  
It is coming along, but it still has a long way to go, 
but I wanted to show you something I have accomplished.
Plus it is an incentive for me to get busy and finish!  

Please excuse the glare from the lamp (bad photos).
I added this wonderful measuring tape from Stampin’ Up to my desk.
It’s official name is “Finial Ruler” from their Decor Elements.
It rocks!!
I applied both lines (the bottom one is used for matching – 
but David and I liked the way it looked) plus I think it adds depth.
I applied the 1 inch to the 36 inch sections, 
and added the adjoining images for some applique bling.
I love it.
I can use it for sewing (my goal is to pick up sewing again), 
and for scrapping and stamping.
If you need a consultant for your craftiness…
 call Julie – she rocks.
I will post pictures of the before (I still can’t believe that it got that bad), 
and some of the after pictures soon.
and blessings,
Jerry Ann