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Another one of the German box mixes in the subscription was the German Pretzel Mix.  This one was more complicated but wonderful. Prepared the mix per the instructions (mix flour and yeast with warm water, mix with a dough hook), and let rise.I kneaded the dough, and shaped.  This was the difficult part.  I… Continue reading Pretzels 

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Blueberry Streusel Pie

David and I subscribed to the German Box monthly delivery for a couple of months to see what they would send.  We received some different items, but mostly box mixes of stuff I used to love when in Germany. One of the items they sent was the Kathi German Streusel.   I had a can of… Continue reading Blueberry Streusel Pie

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Zwiebelkuchen or Onion Pie You can find the original recipe at schnippelboy.  It is in German (I use a translator on the page).  I didn’t use his recipe for the crust as I didn’t have yeast, so I used Bisquick.  I made it a little thick – and in a round pan as well. I… Continue reading Zwiebelkuchen

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Weisswurst…bratwurst. Cravings.  I walk around the grocery store thinking about what I haven’t had to eat in a while, and what to cook for the week.  I make lists, and follow those, but in general it is cravings that fuel our weekly menu’s. I haven’t cooked bratwurst in a long time.  My family has preferred… Continue reading Bratwurst

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Potato Nibble 

When my Mom used to make her German Potato Salad, she would make a peel or two have a little more potato on it than she would really like to have.  It was a nibble for me.   So I had to do the same when I made the potato salad the other day.  Of… Continue reading Potato Nibble 

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German Potato Salad

This is the way my Mom would make potato salad. I swear there are as many different variations of potato salads as there are people. So… Potatoes – Mom loved Yukon Gold potatoes for her potato salad.  So…that it is what I used. Clean them with cold water, scrubbing the dirt off.  Place in a… Continue reading German Potato Salad

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Happy May Day!

One of my first memories of being in Germany is a carnival.  Not sure where exactly I was, but was with my sister, and we were sitting on a bench watching kids dancing with spring wreaths on their heads. I found this article here about May Day in Germany:  German Traditions Maifest (Mayfest) is one of… Continue reading Happy May Day!