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Cravings.  I walk around the grocery store thinking about what I haven’t had to eat in a while, and what to cook for the week.  I make lists, and follow those, but in general it is cravings that fuel our weekly menu’s.

I haven’t cooked bratwurst in a long time.  My family has preferred to have the traditional knockwurst.  Different flavors, and to me, a lot more fat.

I found this Dietz & Watson Black Forest Bratwurst, and thought I would cook one or two up for just me.  Again, thinking that I would be the only one really wanting to eat it.

I normally cook my bratwurst in beer in a slow simmer.  We didn’t have any, but David drinks (on occasion) Smith & Forge Hard Cider.  Per their website:  Hard cider is a strong, sturdy but not-too-sweet fermented alcoholic beverage built from the juice of apples.  And, David said “apples and pork go together.  I watch the Food Network.” Yes, they do.

So, we simmered the bratwurst in 3/4 of a can of the cider until evaporated.

 Then just seared until golden brown (I like my a little darker – crisp).

I ate mine with a bit of Dijon mustard. It was perfect.  

David really enjoyed his, and we both loved the flavor of the apple cider.  Will use this again when cooking bratwurst or maybe even kielbasa.




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