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Mid Year Check Up

Mid Year Check Up -Just typing this bothers me…Mid year check up…MID YEAR! How are we already passed the first week of July?  Has the year flown for y’all?

Going over some of the goals for my year, and I seriously need to get a handle on my weight gain, and wine intake.  It’s been two years since my Gastric Sleeve Surgery, and while I have maintained over a hundred pound weight loss, I have gained back over 15 pounds from my lowest.  I am not eating like I should, and not exercising— so here I am.

There are several other items that I need to get a handle on, and decided that I need to write them down to be more accountable.

#1: Take breaks from social media

I don’t know about you, but I have such a hard time stepping away from social media. As a blogger, I always feel like I have to be posting, so it’s difficult for me to make time for a digital detox. HOWEVER, my hope is that I’ll find some time this month to just unplug and live. Being online is fun, but I think we can all agree there comes a time when we need some separation from the internet.  I like to blog for several days and pre-post them.  This gives me the opportunity to disconnect without really being disconnected from my goal of posting daily on my blog.

#2: Spend more time at the beach

This goes back to goal #1 (disconnecting).  Summertime is my favorite time to go to the beach.  I live at on the some of the most beautiful beaches, yet it seems as those I hardly go.  I need to make more of an effort to go, even if it is for just a hour or so.

#3: Exercise more

I need to get back into my morning habit of waking up and walking.  I started out great about doing this every morning.  I just need to do it again.  And, that brings me to my routines in general…

#4: Update my routines

Routines will be changing soon with my morning commute becoming longer again.  I am so excited about this.  I will be able to think and plan out my day before I get to work.  I plan to be pack my lunch for the next day, organize my items to take to work (gather them and place them where I can find them), and not be in a hurried, unorganized rush.  At least this is my plan.

After my first week, I want to begin my exercise regimen again (goal #3).  Getting up earlier, and kick starting my metabolism I believe really helped with my weight loss and overall health.

The afternoon commute is something I look forward to as well.  Now I almost get home too quickly.  It is as though I don’t have enough time to decompress before I got home so it was though I was even more anxious.  I do like being able to just to sit in silence and talk to myself and God about my day.  It will be good to be able to do this again.  I have a lot rolled into this last goal, but it is really about being less cluttered and more organized.

Four items doesn’t seem like a lot, but truly are huge.  At least they will make a huge impact on my everyday life.  Do you evaluate your goals mid-year?  How do you self check up?





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Garage done!

These are some of the before pictures of the garage.  The table and couch have gone to homes that will love them as much as we did.  Other items either needed to be organized or moved to another area.  Lots of it had to go find its way out the door…period.

What I thought would never happen, did today.  The garage was a clutter zone filled with everyones stuff.  All of the things that never get put away from where they came.  All of the things that should either go out the door to the charity in need, or in the trash has now been disposed.


Stephen helped me against his will, but the goal was met today.  I had been working on portions of it for about two months now.  But this afternoon a tennis ball was hung from the ceiling, and the SUV parked nicely inside.

I am feeling accomplished again. Two days in a row.

So goal met.  I still have some things that need going through, but that is for another day.

Happy December 1st.

Jerry Ann

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Great Finds

NaBloPoMo 2012 – Day 20
I cleaned a corner of the garage the other day.  Yes, just a corner.  I will post the before and after later (much later at the rate as I am taking forever on it.) But in this corner of the garage was a shelf.  And on the shelf, lots of junk.  I threw away most of it (old gardening gloves, old craft paint and brushes, etc).  But then I found this:

It really doesn’t look like much.  And to anyone else looking at these items, I am sure that they would dispose of them just as quickly as I did the other items on the shelf.  But, if you look closely, you will find a measuring tape, two crocheting needles, a crocheted bag, and a cup made of tin and old clothespins.

What you don’t know is that these are my Mom’s crocheting needles that I have looked everywhere for after she passed.  So 6 years now, lost and now found.  Joy. Leaping joy!   The bag is from Germany, and is used for shopping at the bakery or butcher shop.  You have to carry your own bag (Germany has a handle on the re-use bags—we in the US should take note), or purchase one and they can be expensive.  My mom used this one all the time.  Measuring tape was from my Dad.  He would keep this in his pocket just to measure whatever, because you never know when you come across something you need to know how long it is. ha.  The cup.  That cup was a Father’s Day gift to my Dad that I made when I was in the Brownies.  Yes, Brownies.  So I had to be 5 to 7 years of age.  Crazy.  It is made from a soup can with a top cut away, clothes pins that have been taken apart, glued, and secured with copper wire.  It used to set by the land line telephone (remember before cell phones?) in the kitchen with lots of pencils that were sharpened by a pocket knife.

Now it sets by my moms coffee cup, right where I can see it daily.  Treasures found.  Really.  I had no idea that my mother kept this after all those years.  As I am going through rooms, buckets and bins, I am discovering more of these things.  Many things I am disposing.  But these items today, brought back a smile, giggle, and tears.

What do you treasure?

Jerry Ann

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Okay, blogger universe.  I have a question, actually several.

Background:  Both of my parents have passed away, only child.  I have all of their stuff, keepsakes etc.  I also have lots of furniture (rockers, clocks, trunks) that I am not discarding.

I need to start going through photographs, under the bed tubs (4) full of them.  I am not sure what to do with them.  I can scrapbook some of them, but do I toss the rest?  Scan them all? I don’t think some of the general black and white photos that have no one recognizable should be kept?

I want to keep some of things…but deciding on what keepsakes to keep.

I need to start…so one day I will be finished. ugh.

So, how do you deal with keepsakes (of parents), and just in general how do you sort your stuff?

Jerry Ann