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Garage done!

These are some of the before pictures of the garage.  The table and couch have gone to homes that will love them as much as we did.  Other items either needed to be organized or moved to another area.  Lots of it had to go find its way out the door…period.

What I thought would never happen, did today.  The garage was a clutter zone filled with everyones stuff.  All of the things that never get put away from where they came.  All of the things that should either go out the door to the charity in need, or in the trash has now been disposed.


Stephen helped me against his will, but the goal was met today.  I had been working on portions of it for about two months now.  But this afternoon a tennis ball was hung from the ceiling, and the SUV parked nicely inside.

I am feeling accomplished again. Two days in a row.

So goal met.  I still have some things that need going through, but that is for another day.

Happy December 1st.

Jerry Ann


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