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College World Series

So incredibly proud to be an Arkansas Razorback fan.

We lost by the way…but it was a heck of a series. We had an incredible team this year.

Always a ūüźó‚̧ԳŹ.

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And so it begins:  SEC Football.

There are lots of lions and tigers and bears but only one Razorback. ¬†Tusk is our one-of-a-kind mascot. ¬†Wooo Pig Sooie isn’t just a hog call. ¬†It’s The Hog Call. ¬†There’s no place like Fayetteville on game day. ¬†When you hear the Razorback Band play Arkansas Fight Song…

…and see the Razorbacks run through the “A” in Reynolds Razorback Stadium…

There’ll be no doubt about it. ¬†THIS IS ARKANSAS FOOTBALL.



Hogs and kisses!


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Part of being married is sharing, right?  I don’t mind sharing most things but when it comes to sharing a college, I normally don’t. 

Today LSU Baseball is playing in the super regional in Omaha.  The Razorbacks didn’t make it to the super regional, and being married to a LSU guy, I am supporting them.  Well, and Carmen is going there as well.  So being supportive of LSU isn’t that difficult really. So long as they aren’t playing my Razorbacks! Ha. 

Happy Saturday, and Gueax Tigers!