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Traveling to NW Arkansas for a memorial service, and it has been thirteen years since Carmen was here.

This was a wonderful moment in our travels yesterday. Twelve hours in a car, to attend a service for essentially my little brother has been difficult to say the least.

He would be turning 50 the 24th of this month. Far to young to be gone. Tony was fun, engaging, strong minded, mean, and loving. I will miss him something fierce.

We were out of touch for about fifteen years, but have been talking every couple of weeks recently.

Life is short. I am grateful I knew him and that he was a part of my life.

See you on the other side cowboy. I love you.


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Trying to stay in the moment. Shari is the one in the middle, and Hank’s precious wife. I love these women. Yesterday was a hard day, but glorious in the way Hank touched so many lives. I am thankful for being his friend.

What I don’t like is how I look in this picture. I feel as though I am huge. I know that I shouldn’t even be thinking this but when I first saw this I immediately thought about my size.

There. We were there when we needed to be. I will be there when I need to be for Shari and her family. I need to just to not obsess about this. Ugh!


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This is a great article for those having lost a parent and grief.

“How Losing a Parent Can Impact Grief”

Attending a dear friends celebration of life today, and he left behind a beautiful wife, and four sons.  Death is hard on those of us left behind.


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Cry Out To Jesus

Cry Out To Jesus by Third Day

This song was on KLOVE as I drove to work one morning.  Grief has hit me hard this season.  Not just the Christmas season, but the season in my life right now.

My childhood friend Tracey lost her husband in an accident on December 3, 2016.  I wasn’t able to attend the funeral due to work, but knew that I had time off over the holidays.  What I wasn’t sure about was, did I really need to travel to Arkansas?  Did I need to do this for her, or for me? Well, the answers turned out to be yes, and yes.

The more I prayed about it, it just became clear that I was supposed to see her.  I couldn’t imagine not seeing her especially since she lost someone after 25 years of marriage.

God doesn’t tell us why.  It would be too easy if He did, right? So many questions, never enough answers.  What was clear after the visit, was this friendship remained true and strong.  Life got in the way a bit, but we didn’t miss a beat when we were back together.

Hug you friends and loved ones tight.  Life is too short for little things to get in the way.