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Getting Back on Track!

So I have confessed that I have had weight gain the past several months.  Well, back up to 197 is not a good feeling!! I had been maintaining for several months, and as my friend Beth pointed out, maintaining is difficult to do.  At least I haven’t been gaining this entire time. Putting on the… Continue reading Getting Back on Track!

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Prism – 6 Weeks

Today marked my six weeks accomplished (I have used that word more in the past 4 days) with continuing in the program. You can opt out of weighing, but I decided to get on the scale.  I am 11.5 lbs lighter.  I haven’t done the measurements, and need to as my clothes are much looser.… Continue reading Prism – 6 Weeks

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Crockpot Yum

I have been on the Prism diet for a little bit, and have lost a little. This soup/stew makes it much easier to do. And this soup is down right yummy! For 250 calories per cup, and I am full with 1 1/2 cups. No pictures this time, or the last time, but I will… Continue reading Crockpot Yum

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Menu’s and Diets

Trying…needs to be thrown out the door.  Diets are just that…diets.   We (Carmen and I) have decided to go through our pantry and throw out what needs to go…some of this stuff has been in there since we moved in (6 years ago), and needs to go.  Other stuff we just don’t use, haven’t used,… Continue reading Menu’s and Diets