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Menu’s and Diets

Trying…needs to be thrown out the door.  Diets are just that…diets.   We (Carmen and I) have decided to go through our pantry and throw out what needs to go…some of this stuff has been in there since we moved in (6 years ago), and needs to go.  Other stuff we just don’t use, haven’t used, will not use.

Change in mind set…not something so restrictive that I feel like I am punishing myself when I blow it, then justify it by saying it is okay today.  But it is a daily battle.  Constant.  Consistent.  Healthy.

One cookbook that has been changing the rules is Rocco Dispirto’s Now Eat This Diet.

I purchased it at Books-A-Million about a month ago. It has sat on the desk, or by the couch for that long as well.  Carmen picked it up today, and asked if we could try some of the recipes.  Absolutely.  Not that I want to do all of the diet…never do…but some of the changes he makes are awesome, and completely doable.  What I need to concentrate on is portion size.  It has always been my downfall.

Okay, my plan is to work on this over the weekend. Pantry is cleaned out, and fresh veggies are in the fridge…now to plan the menu for next week.

I will keep you updated on this plan of mine…



One thought on “Menu’s and Diets

  1. Sounds like a good clear plan and I will look forward to your future posts and tips on healthy living. I find even one helpful tip can mean so much over the course of a year
    Best of luck


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