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Bucket List #18

My bucket list item #18 is conquer math.  I began the journey in January with developmental math due to my placement test.  I have such test anxiety that it wouldn’t have mattered how much I would have prepared for the placement test.  I needed to go to the first developmental class.  I was really okay with this.

The first day, I was freaking out about the end of the book.  Everything looked so foreign to me.  Like an alien language.  But that was day one.

I conquered the first Mat 0018 with an A!!  I took my final on Monday night for the Mat 0028, and received a 96!!  Oh my goodness!!  How scared I was to even begin Math.  All it took was a step.

So, I have gotten over the beginnings of Math.  This summer I will take Intermediate Algebra.  And, hopefully, I will conquer it.  Fall will be College Algebra.  Lord willing.

What have you conquered?  So another goal met, and it’s only May.  Ha. Got a ways to go, but loving this.

I never thought I would be able to do any of this with my Lupus and my old weight.  Only due to the weight loss, am I able to do so much.  I fight fatigue with my lupus.  The fatigue is still here.  But I fight it.  Daily.



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