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Bad Storms

“A bad storm can blow in a beautiful season.  The Bible proves over and over that how something begins does not get to dictate how it ends.” – Beth Moore Hurricane Nate brought down our tree, our oven went out (igniter) and my computer crash with my final essay on it for my English class. … Continue reading Bad Storms

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Hurricane Nate Part 2

We ended up purchasing a chainsaw.  Thankful for sweet friends and family to come and help.  So very thankful that this was the only damage. Apparently, it only took about two hours with the many hands of help.  So thankful for these hands. Feeling overwhelming grateful. Blessings.  

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Hurricane Nate

Woke up this morning to our front oak being uprooted.  So very thankful that it didn’t come toward the house or on the cars.  Julie (bestie, and neighbor across the street) took this picture from her house. We will have to wait until the storm is done before we can do anything about it.  Thankful as… Continue reading Hurricane Nate

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Junk Food and Irma

I don’t know why but you must purchase a ton of junk food for hurricane prep.  You are not allowed (ha) to purchase anything healthy, because you will be without electricity and must eat Cheetos, or Chex mix. Most of my friends who live in the Panhandle of Florida were anticipating a worse outcome with… Continue reading Junk Food and Irma

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London Broil

We got a London Broil for buy one/get one at Winn Dixie the other day.  We decided to have it on Friday evening. I was off due to Hurricane Irma, and thought it would be a good idea to marinate the London Broil.  So I found this recipe at the Food Network, and modified to… Continue reading London Broil

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  I live in Northwest Florida.  The panhandle of Florida. On the Emerald Coast.  A lot of people call it South Alabama.  We are 7 hours away from Orlando, and 10 hours away from Miami (depending on traffic). Hurricane Irma is scheduled to hit Miami tomorrow (Saturday), and Florida Governor Scott cancelled all schools k-12,… Continue reading Preparation