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Bad Storms

“A bad storm can blow in a beautiful season.  The Bible proves over and over that how something begins does not get to dictate how it ends.” – Beth Moore

Hurricane Nate brought down our tree, our oven went out (igniter) and my computer crash with my final essay on it for my English class.  My Mom used to say that everything comes in threes.  Well, we had our threes.  David was wonderful in being able to repair the oven (replaced the igniter), and my computer (he does this for a living).  Purchasing a chainsaw and allowing friends to help is difficult.  Relying on help is not something either one of us like to do.

I was told once that you take away someone’s blessing when you don’t allow them to help.  This is so true.  I love helping—if able.  Why wouldn’t we want help?  Well, we are independent, secure, we can do it ourselves – right?  I love being able to say, “let them help.”  It blesses both the giver and the receiver, right?  It does!!

Storms never bring good things…but what comes out of it, can be good.  We only suffered a tree falling over.  That is it.  Well, and some tiles off of the roof.  But really nothing major.  We now have a chainsaw, and will be able to assist if others need assistance.  Love that.

I absolutely freaked out about my final essay, and my computer crashing.  I cried when David was able to retrieve the Word document.  Cried.  I used to say bubble over.   You know, when you just can’t hold it in anymore, you bubble over.  Tears flow.  Cried.

My anxiety is such that I manage fine while something is gong on…but the moment it is completed, or over, tears flow.  Relief.  My body knows that it can let go.

I am so very grateful for family and friends that were able to help David take care of the tree.  I am grateful for my hubby being able to recover my document for my English class, and to Google to repair our oven.  I am grateful.





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