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BBQ Ribs

Every weekend in the Spring and Summer (so it seemed) my parents would grill out.  We would have steaks, chicken and pork ribs.  Mom would marinate them in the same basic recipe, and make the BBQ sauce.

Growing up, friends would benefit from this grilling as well.  It was always good, and it seemed we always had plenty to share.  I have been craving ribs for a while, and with my WLS it has been even stronger of a craving. 

Tender, moist ribs would be the key to me being able to eat, enjoy, and process the meal.  Grilling over charcoal was one key, and low and slow the other.

Wishbone Italian Dressing – two cups
McCormick Season Salt
Maggi Seasoning Sauce
Wine (whatever you have on hand)
Spare Ribs
BBQ Sauce of choice

Once the meat is cooked almost through, apply the BBQ sauce.  If your sauce has a lot of sugar in it, it will burn easily.  So pay attention to your ribs turning and applying more sauce after each turn.

Remove from the grill, and cover with foil to rest about ten minutes or so.  Then slice in between the bones.

These were moist, tender, and fully cooked with tons of flavor.  I got to enjoy one rib, and a nibble (extra bit of meat without the bone), and two deviled eggs.

This satisfied my cravings for ribs, and just relaxing outside.  I can also confirm that these will be enjoyed throughout this next week.




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