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Deviled Eggs

Everyone has a basic deviled egg recipe, and I am certain, everyone’s is different.

My Mom made eggs this way, and it is what is familiar for me and the kids.  We love them.  Boil eggs.   I normally cover the eggs with cold water in a pot.  Bring to boil, and once bubble come to the top start the timer for 12 minutes.  Off the heat, and rinse with cold water.  I add ice cubes to help the process.

Cut eggs in half, and remove the yolk (place in a large bowl.  I have a chilled platter for eggs, so I placed the halves here until I mixed up the yolk.

Crumble the yolks.

Add the ingredients.  I don’t have an exact measurement, as it seems I go by sight and feel.  I start with Tabasco.  

Then yellow mustard.

Then sweet relish.


Then mayonnaise.   Just remember that you can always add more than take any away if it gets runny! So, just a spoonful of most of the ingredients.

I also add salt and ground pepper.


and stir some more.

There are some that will place the yolk mixture in a plastic bag and pipe into the egg halves.  I don’t, never have.  I just use a small spoon, and add until the yolk’s are back where they belong.

Then sprinkle with Paprika.




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