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Doctor Office

I have been experiencing more anxiety in the past couple of months. I scheduled an appointment to see primary care doctor on Wednesday last week. She is amazing, and the pictures below are wall decor in the room where I was seen.  This says everything you need to know about her.  Genuine care giver.

She loves taking care of people, and doesn’t just prescribe a pill.  I have been doing some Young Living Oils (lavender, and tranquility), and they have helped.  Trying some other home methods to calm my spirit, and having a doctor listen, and understand helped even more.

I am having more stress than I was aware, and she did prescribe a take as needed (not everyday) pill for me.  We all struggle at different times I think.   It is nice to know that I can take something to help calm me when it gets to be too much.  It was encouraging to know that I am not alone.  More of us struggle with anxiety than we are aware.  Having a doctor that cares really does help.

Blessings for today, and always.



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