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Lobster Tails and Asparagus

Reminder that we are on a budget…and don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  But we had gone to Whole Foods and gotten two packages of lobster tails to treat one another this past weekend.  They were on sale (which is the main reason we got them).

We also got a package of fresh asparagus.  I love roasting vegetables.  The nutty flavors come through with broccoli, carrots, and asparagus.  If they are bitter, I like to add garlic or a purple onion on the roasting pan to sweeten the vegetable.  These asparagus didn’t need anything but olive oil, salt and pepper.



For the lobster tails, we split the tail with scissors.  Added a pat of butter, parsley, and season salt.  Placed on a sheet pan covered in foil and broiled for about 12 minutes.


I thought I would do something special since we are still new to this empty nest of ours.  It was very simple, our regular plates, and silverware.  Just added place mats, cloth napkins, and candles.

simple table

It was a nice evening, without children.  We shared doing the dishes.  It was really nice.  Then I did some homework. Ugh…but we had a nice dinner in.  Simple, but so nice.  I think we should eat at the table every night.  After tonight, I think we will try to at least once a week.

How was your Valentine’s Day?


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