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Walking.  I am trying to make walking a habit.  I love it when I actually go and do it.  It is just getting out there to accomplish it.  Habits take 21 to 30 days to form, right?  That’s what the experts say anyway.  Trying.

Yesterday evening, David and I decided to walk downtown Fort Walton.  I love this walk. We were going to follow the route for the 5k that we did in December to see if we could improve our time.  We decided, as we were walking, to go over the Brooks Bridge.   I was apprehensive because we had Dexter with us.  Well, and just in general as it wasn’t what we planned.  But I did it.

We got up to the top of the bridge, and David stopped to take these pictures.imag1133imag1135

What you don’t see is the traffic, the bridge bouncing, and wind blowing.  I couldn’t stop as I was handling Dexter, and really didn’t want to stop.  I love this view.   I love that this is where we live.   We got to the bottom, and went under and back over the bridge on the other side.  We did better on time than I thought, and it was a really good elevation for us to do.  Legs were feeling it.

Legs.  I have lots of skin issues with the weight loss, and need toning (in addition to more weight loss).  I really just want to be healthy.  I like where my body is headed, but don’t want to stop being active.  I knew that there were going to be skin issues.  And I know that my body is still changing and adjusting.  I just want it to look different now.  (Everything in its own time, right?)

This walk was perfect.  Tonight we are going to walk it again without Dexter, and hopefully improve our time.  Maybe I won’t be as anxious since we already walked it, and I know what to expect.

Do you stop to smell the roses along your way?  Thankful David did.  Thankful we chose to do this route.




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