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NoBloPoMo 2012 – Day 8


I love watching the Food Network. Love it.  If I am home,  it is on,  if only for background noise.  I was watching it the other day, and Giada came on.  She is a wonderful cook and teacher.  I think this because, after watching her show on a Frittata, and how simple it was, I thought I could modify it for my Prism diet.

Giada’s recipe called for 8 egg whites and cream…  Giada de Laurentiis frittata recipe 

My version:

1 cup Egg Beaters whipped
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese shredded
2 cups Arugula fresh
1 green onion chopped
3 oz smoked salmon chopped (be easy not to break up the salmon)
Salt (be careful due to the smoked salmon and Parmesan cheese) and Pepper to taste
Pam cooking spray

Heat a non-stick skillet (use a pan you can place in the oven) to medium -high heat.  Also, turn your oven on to 350 degrees. 

Spray your pan, and saute the green onion for about a minute.  Then add the Arugula and wilt (saute for about 3-4 minutes, don’t move it around too much).  I poured the eggs (whipped) in gently not to disturb the Arugula.  When the egg is slightly cooked around the edges, place the salmon in gently.  Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the egg.  Add some black pepper.  Place in the oven to finish off the cooking for about 15-20 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

You can have this entire Frittata for 280 calories (if you use the 80 cal smoked salmon 3oz and egg beaters)!!!

Not the best of photo’s…but you can still see all of the goodness.

Jerry Ann

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NoBloPoMo 2012 – Day 7


My 19 year old daughter asks me in a our phone conversation today:

“Mom, how did you procrastinate when you were my age? Because, ya know, there wasn’t Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.”  (She was talking about going to the library to study when she asked this question.)

Hmmm….well, for starters it really wasn’t that long ago! Ha!

But I will play along:  I was either watched television one of three channels for a long while in my small town until I was in high school then we got TBS and the Weather Channel. Major stuff. I would read (something I wanted to read, not had to for school), practicing (dance team), performing (once again, dance team), out with friends, at the movies, driving around town or on the land line phone. Oh, then I had babysitting jobs that took up some of my time as well.  

When I was younger, I square danced. Second from right.

Freshman year, dance team, homecoming parade. 
I am the one on the very back left.

 Junior Year, second from left, top row, dance team, after camp
Joy (on left), and I selling yearbook advertisements. Ya, we found this photo booth instead.
 We had fun, and the sales that year were still good, but not great.  

Fun memories – thought I would share.

Back to the conversation with Carmen. Trying to remember…I also remember what happened when once, I had a flat tire (around 17 years old) and I had to go up to peoples homes, and knock on their door to see if I could use their phone.  Really.  And other times, if I wanted to call a boy, I found their phone number in the telephone book, dialed the number and the boys parent would answer.  I actually had to converse with an adult to see if they (the boy) was there.  The majority of the time they weren’t, and I ended up thanking them and hanging up without giving my name.

Apparently, I took it too far with that remembrance (with her anyway) ha. Oh well.  Really.

We have too many things to distract us now from the important stuff in life.  I answer the phone when my daughter calls, because one day she will be too distracted to call.  

Jerry Ann

Election 2012 · NoBloPoMo 2012 · Vote


NoBloPoMo 2012 – Day 6


plain. simple. vote.

My first husband was in the military.  He never registered to vote before we were married (he was 28).  It was too much of a hassle.  I registered when I was 18, and was so very excited about it.

When local elections would come around, he would start complaining about one candidate or another.  We used to get into some major disagreements over his not voting and then complaining.  He finally registered, and voted, and complained.  

But you can complain if you vote.  You have exercised your constitutional rights by voting.  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

plain. simple. vote.

Blessings today as always —–but vote!
Jerry Ann

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New Habits/Routines

NoBloPoMo 2012 -Day 5

New routines.  The experts (whoever they are!) say that it takes 30 days to form new habits, or new routines.  I think I am swaying to their side on this one.

I have been on a lifestyle change for 2 weeks with a reduced caloric intake (Prism Diet).  So far it is working on shedding some pounds, and my attitude towards food in general.  These are huge for me, and I am going to stick to it this time! =)

Today is a new routine for me because I am physically going out to a gym to walk/workout. Ugh.  I hate both of these in a confined setting, but with the weather turning colder if I prepare my attitude to the gym now by the time winter is here I will be used it. ???? Well, that is the plan anyway.

I am starting out slow, only 30 minutes of walking, but it is a beginning.  I apparently need to do this for 30 days to make it a new habit.

So what habits have you changed to make your life better?

Jerry Ann

Bible verse · NoBloPoMo 2012 · Sunday

2 Corinthians 3:6

NoBloPoMo 2012 – Day 4

Sunday, November 4, 2012

“We couldn’t be more sure of ourselves in this—that you, written by Christ himself for God, are our letter of recommendation. We wouldn’t think of writing this kind of letter about ourselves. Only God can write such a letter. His letter authorizes us to help carry out this new plan of action. The plan wasn’t written out with ink on paper, with pages and pages of legal footnotes, killing your spirit. It’s written with Spirit on spirit, his life on our lives!” 2 Corinthians 3:6 MSG

Jerry Ann